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Captain America: Civil War 8-bit trailer

If you haven’t seen Civil War yet – I highly suggest you do. It’s a blast and, like Winter Soldier before it, a really good movie. I always enjoy these 8-bit (although more 16-bit at times) trailers. This one nails it again. The sound track is perfect and they manage…

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[Watch] Mad Max 16-bit Fury Road

8-bit might be in the title of this video but it seems more 16-bit to me. But I think we can let this one slide. Mad Max Fury Road was an awesome action flick. One of the best in recent years. It also makes for a great side scrolling Double Dragon-esque video game….

8-bit Film

Nintendo Quest is the quest we wish we could make

There is no denying the awesomeness that is the NES. It started a cultural phenomenon and paved the way for mass consumption gaming. We all know there are tons and tons of games for the NES. Some we didn’t even see in the states – making it all that more…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Watch] 8-bit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This wouldn’t make for a good game but the 8-bit music is spot on. Ferris Bueller is easily in my top list of favorite films. The sweet spot of 80’s cinematic awesomeness. One of those flicks that I can’t wait to watch with my nephew, and explain why people are…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Watch] Princess Mononoke gets 8-bit treatment

We have a couple more of these 8-bit cinema treatments from Cinefix coming. First up is Princess Mononoke, the hit animated film from Hayao Miyazaki. I haven’t seen the original, at least I don’t remember it, but it certainly looks intriguing. For those that have, this may be a fun take on the…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Watch] 8-bit District 9 is what we needed

This seems long over due but we’re happy it’s here. We’re big fans of District 9. It was a refreshing, gritty, smart sci-fi flick that fullfilled a sci-fi gap we all needed. Too bad Bloomkamp’s follow ups haven’t been as solid. His heavy social political commentary tends to get in…

World 1-1 explores the early years of video gaming

I always enjoy watching documentaries like this. Love seeing how things were and the impact of early decisions had on the future of gaming. World 1-1 takes us through those early days with Atari – the madness, mayhem and creativity that would lead the gaming industry to where it is…

‘Pixels’ first trailer not as good as the posters

Ugh. Had a feeling this is what we would get. I loved the concept since I first heard about it but a concept is nothing without proper execution. Hopefully this is just a bad trailer edit and they’re holding back the funny…like all of it. I like the effects for…