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[Rant] I don’t think I want a Mega Man movie

This news has been bouncing around for awhile. But sounds like 20th Century Fox wants to make it a reality. The idea of a Mega Man movie at first split second makes me happy. It combines the two things I love – an old school gaming character I grew up…

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Father Gamer: Alone

Hey folks, remember when I said the next Father Gamer would have to do with products? I lied. I have more pressing matters to discuss. My wife didn’t leave me, but tell that to my liver. Last weekend marked the first time my wife and child took a trip without dear old…

Father Gamer: Conception

Hey Folks, welcome to 8bitreview’s “Father Gamer,” a new segment on being a good father while maintaining your status as a good gamer. Speaking as a parent of a 5-month old, I can say parenthood is the most rewarding thing I have ever done…but that doesn’t mean I’m done with…

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8bitreview.com hits 100 posts!!!

We’ve hit 100 posts! In case you were interested. For this momentous occasion enjoy the above image of a monkey playing Pac-Man. To the next 100…and people still not reading them.