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[8-bit code] Create 8-bit hovers

Little known fact, 8-bit Review started back in January of 2008 as a coding sandbox. Out of boredom, I built a terrible site that I just haven’t been able to let go of. I don’t code as much these days but every once in awhile I’ll come across a fun tutorial that…

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[Watch] How game designers worked with graphics in the ’80s

Learn something new everyday. Take this lesson for example, from The 8-Bit Guy (or iBookGuy), about graphics for games back in the ’80s. In the video below, he breaks down how game designers worked around the limited graphics of the time to create some of our favorite games. I could…

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[Watch] 8-bit District 9 is what we needed

This seems long over due but we’re happy it’s here. We’re big fans of District 9. It was a refreshing, gritty, smart sci-fi flick that fullfilled a sci-fi gap we all needed. Too bad Bloomkamp’s follow ups haven’t been as solid. His heavy social political commentary tends to get in…

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Evoland 2 is an epic journey through video game history

This seems pretty ambitious – a time traveling, multi story line, graphics changing, RPG that uses the history of video games as a backdrop. But based on the trailer it looks like the folks at Shiro Games pulled it off. I also love the time traveling aspect from generation to…

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Pixel Art Academy wants to teach you how to make pixel art

Pixel art is nothing new. How you learn to create it is a different story. There are plenty of tutorials across the world wide web but this tool, created by Matej “Retro” Jan, is certainly the most interesting we’ve seen. Pixel Art Academy is a point-and-click adventure game which teaches you pixel…

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Every day life in Japan as 8-bit gifs

I’ve never been to Japan so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of every day life in Japan. But I trust the artist, Toyoi Yuuta, who created these beauties simply using his touchpad on his PC laptop. We couldn’t be happier that they exist. If you hit up his tumblr page…