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8-bit Harmonica Is Exactly How It Sounds

Try not to over analyze this one. It’s a harmonica that pumps out pixelated sounds waves. We like it and so should you. Japanese inventor Basami Sentaku has a place in the 8bitreview Hall of Fame…if we had such a thing. [soundworks]

Matrix: Reloaded with 8-bit Sound Design

One thing I can say is that Matrix: Reloaded was a crappy film. I could spend a few paragraphs on why but that is for…another blog. Not much could make it better except for maybe an 8-bit sound redesign. Phillip Raupach did just that and submitted it to an arts competition at San Francisco State […]

If You’re Wondering What 8-Bit Pulp Fiction Looks Like, Wonder No More

Don’t think I have any quips for this one. Or there are too many to choose from so I’ll leave it alone. Pretty much explains itself anyways. From CineFix – the folks that bring you 8-Bit stuff. Enjoy. [mashable]

Every NES Title Screen in One 3 Hour Long Video

Holy sh**! If you don’t want to watch some football game that is happening today you can spend those 3 hours watching every single NES title screen that existed. This compilation put together by NicksplosionFX¬†is impressive (I’ve only gotten about 30 min in so far) and exhaustive. There are definitely titles in there I haven’t […]

Bobby Orr Flies In NHL ’94 Themed Desktop Wallpaper

Considering the [8bit Offices] are located in Boston – we might be a bit biased when we say this might be one of the greatest hockey moments ever. But I think we’ll have some back up on that claim across the hockey community. Well, now thanks to Dave Delisle, we can show off this great […]

Late For the Holidays; ‘Elf’ 10 Year 8 Bit Anniversary

I’m really the only one working in the [8bit Offices] these days – as you can probably tell – if you’re even keeping track. I’ve been lazy in my 8bit news and will continue to be as I post CineFix’s 8 bit offerings in mass stride. I tend to track things down and throw them […]

That’s No Moon; It’s ‘Star Wars: Tiny Death Star’ in 8-bit

Most things we come across and post here are usually up our alley, but this might take the cake. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a mobile app, available on Android and iOS, that has you working on the Dark Side assisting Palpatine in building an all-new Death Star. A tiny one at that. The […]

An 8 Bit Take On ‘Finding Nemo’

I could watch these all day. Although I don’t think this one is as good as the Dark Knight or Anchorman clips – it still holds it’s own. From the same folks that brought you 8bit Dark Knight and 8bit Anchorman ¬†– CineFix has done it’s 8 bit magic with the classic Pixar tale ‘Finding […]

The Dark Knight In An 8 Bit World

CineFix is at it again (and I’m late to the game, again) this time telling the intricate tale of the Dark Knight via 8 bit awesomeness. It really gets to the point in this 3 min telling – covering all the major scenes with such ease. OK. Enough talk – just watch it. [mashable]

Infographic: The Nebula of NES Games

I enjoy infographics just as much as the next person. I enjoy them even more when they involve a personal pastime. Cue – The Nebula of NES Games. It’s exactly as it sounds – a galactic nebula of over 700 NES games broken out by genre and year. A must have for the visually geeky […]

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