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[Extra Bits] ‘The Revenant’ gets retro gaming treatment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Leo and I have a love / hate relationship. I’ve only liked him in a few films and that doesn’t include Titanic or Romeo + Juliet. I think I’m still bitter over his thievery ways with the Seavers Christmans gifts….

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Arts ‘n Crafts day – DIY Mega Man costume

I’m not much of a cosplayer. I enjoy the effort others put into their costumes and seeing the level of detail they get. But for the most part the closest I get to cosplaying is on Halloween. I did make my own Iron Man costume one year. It was more…

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Need more NES nostalgia? Buy this book

I’m not saying you should buy it. They didn’t tell me to tell you to buy it. I’m just saying – if you’re into this big retro push lately around the NES then there’s a cool book you might like. That’s all. As we all know the NES Classic Mini…

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House of Mouse gives Mario a nod in animated short

Disney pretty much owns the entertainment landscape. From Marvel flicks to that indie sci-fi fantasy hit Star Wars to its collection of animated characters – there is no doubt that you’ve seen something Disney has made in the past month…year…decade. They’ve had a lot of influence across the world including…

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[Video of the Day] Protozoan Pac-Man!

Science. Gotta love it. Researchers from University College of Southeast Norway built a microscopic Pac-Man map to better understand the little microbes eating and hunting habits. It also doubles as a nice PR move to attract attention. It has ours. You can read the full blog post on the research…

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Ben Heck tears apart a Power Glove

Funny to imagine that the Power Glove was our first hint at a Minority Report world of technology. I didn’t own a Power Glove when I was a kid. I remember thinking, even as a kid, it was excessive. Also, after seeing a few friends use it it didn’t seem…

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Ad for NES Classic Mini console lays the retro on thick

We live in a time where those that grew up with the 80’s are now in charge. So what do we get? All those cools things from the 80’s…but in HD! Nintendo announced not too long ago they’ll be releasing a mini NES with 30 preloaded games. The internet rejoiced…

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Finally – NES Classic Mini comes preloaded with 30 games

Took Nintendo long enough. While Atari and even Sega have been offering mini versions of their classic consoles with preloaded games Nintendo has been busy…doubling their stock with Pokemon GO. hmm right. Anyways, this November Nintendo is releasing the NES Classic mini. Which will come with 30 pre-loaded games, an…

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Thekla Inc’s 2016 game “The Witness” gets an 8-bit demake

I don’t actually know much about Thekla Inc’s game “The Witness”. So I’m a tad blind on this one other than what I read from the interwebs. But, long story short super fan, Dustin Long created a “demake / reinterpretation / tribute to the original ” of the difficult puzzle game as…