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8bitstarwars 8bit Cool Stuff

Star Wars 8-bit deaths

Warning: The following video has spoilers for every Star Wars film to date. If haven’t seen any of them…well, that’s a whole other issue. pipocaVFX put together this quick 8-bit video of every major death in the Star Wars films. It’s pretty damn adorable. [via: The Verge | source: pipocaVFX]

mario3pcport 8bit Cool Stuff

The Super Mario Bros. 3 PC port that didn’t happen

Not entirely 8-bit but we don’t mind making exceptions. Below you can check out video of a PC port of Super Mario Bros. 3 by the team behind Doom. At the time of the port, back in 1990, the developers from id Software were known as IFD. They had created…

8bitmusicpower 8bit Cool Stuff

This chiptune album is coming out for the Nintendo Famicom

It feels like an exclusive streaming deal for a Taylor Swift album. But, alas, it’s not. 8BIT MUSIC POWER (let Google translate that page for you) is an 8-bit chiptune album developed by RIKI and manufactured by Columbus Circle with 12 original tracks that plays on a Nintendo Famicom. If you’re a…

Pixel_Vision 8bit Cool Stuff

This might be the best looking portable emulator

Pixel Vision is the vision of Swedish designer Love Hultén. Known for crafting beautiful looking electronics, his latest project is a portable emulator for such classics as the NES, Atari 2600, and original Game Boy. It has about 8 hours of battery life and can hold about 10,000 games. There are two…

mario 8bit Cool Stuff

Weekend project – setup this awesome NES emulator for Windows

With today’s technology you can skip trying to find your classic system of choice via an online bidding war, or hope that the system you picked up off craigslist is actually going to work. With emulators we can easily recreate the nostalgia of classic gaming in a few clicks, and…

Nintendo-Night-TW 8bit Cool Stuff

ECHL professional hockey team hosts an ‘8-Bit Night’

The Toledo Walleye hosted an ‘8-bit Night’ on November 21st that had everything from 8-bit jerseys to a theme song. The Walleye hosted the Fort Wayne Komets in some sweet 8-bit jerseys as seen below. In the end it was all for a good cause as the jerseys were auctioned…

malcolmmiddle 8bit Cool Stuff

[Play] Malcolm In The Middle as a sidescroller

Malcolm In The Middle was a great show that, to me, always felt somewhat underrated. It gave us Bryan Cranston well before his Hollywood boom, a different take on the family sitcom, and…um…Frankie Muniz. It’s also the basis for this sidescrolling 8-bit game where the object is to keep Malcolm…

madmax 8bit Cool Stuff

[Watch] Mad Max 16-bit Fury Road

8-bit might be in the title of this video but it seems more 16-bit to me. But I think we can let this one slide. Mad Max Fury Road was an awesome action flick. One of the best in recent years. It also makes for a great side scrolling Double Dragon-esque video game….

ferrisbueller8bit 8bit Cool Stuff

[Watch] 8-bit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This wouldn’t make for a good game but the 8-bit music is spot on. Ferris Bueller is easily in my top list of favorite films. The sweet spot of 80’s cinematic awesomeness. One of those flicks that I can’t wait to watch with my nephew, and explain why people are…