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Thekla Inc’s 2016 game “The Witness” gets an 8-bit demake

I don’t actually know much about Thekla Inc’s game “The Witness”. So I’m a tad blind on this one other than what I read from the interwebs. But, long story short super fan, Dustin Long created a “demake / reinterpretation / tribute to the original ” of the difficult puzzle game as…

atari2600 8bit Cool Stuff

Ben Heck builds a portable Atari 2600

Ben Heck has built some pretty cool projects in the past. If you haven’t seen it he has his own show hosted via the Element14 Community. It’s great for slightly more advanced DIY projects. In episode 237 he builds a portable Atari 2600. Check it out at Engadget or at…

rogueone16bit 8bit Cool Stuff

Extra Bits – Star Wars Rogue One 16-bit trailer

At first, the thought of spin off Star Wars films scared me. It’s clearly Disney milking the cash cow – which makes sense – they did invest a few dollars for this. But at what end? At what point do we need every detail from the original trilogy explained in…

connectedNES 8bit Cool Stuff

ConnectedNES delivers 8-bit tweets to your NES

Anything is possible these days. Even making 8-bit tweets display via an NES. Rachel Weil, aka hxlnt on GitHub, has built a wireless “modem” for her NES, allowing data to be fed into a custom game over the controller port. And, voila, now you have 8-bit Twitter. It’s open-source so…

retroTable 8bit Cool Stuff

Build your own retro gaming table damnit!

You bored? Got a free weekend? Have about $100? Usually those three questions together can lead to trouble. This time it’ll lead you to having your own retro gaming table. Which is way better than the other things I was going to suggest you do. You can build that very…

nintendo_famicom 8bit Cool Stuff

Super Famicom Themed Nintendo 3DS

A few bits out of the 8-bit realm but we don’t care when it’s worthy. Japan is getting a Super Famicom themed Nintendo 3DS with classic colors and button scheme to boot. It’s launching this month for 21,600 Yen (~$190) but only in Japan and there’s no word on a…

supermario3_subwaymap 8bit Cool Stuff

Super Mario themed subway maps

We’re already fans of Dave Delisle and his geeky takes on design. Honestly, he had us at Bobby Orr and NHL ’94 but his new posters are just as great. This time he’s taken on real city subway maps with a Mario theme. Mostly Super Mario Bros. 3 with a hint…

pup_dvp 8bit Cool Stuff

Punk rock meets retro gaming in this music video

Canadian punk rock band, PUP (it’s OK, I never heard of them either), released a new track called “DVP” a few weeks ago. Shortly after, to accompany the single, the band released the song’s video which is simple in concept but also over-the-top fun. Well, at least we think so….

duckhuntvr 8bit Cool Stuff

Duck Hunt in Virtual Reality

We’re at the cusp of VR becoming the next big thing in gaming. Every game maker is figuring out how to incorporate it for their next big title and systems to support it. With as much money going into it it’ll be hard to ignore in the years to come. Of course,…