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Real World Mario in SXSW Short Film

This is a pretty great real world version of Super Mario Bros. Created by Joe Nicolosi – this is just one of few shorts he has that will show up at SXSW. It’s a dark retelling (in a funny vein of course) of Mario’s pursuit of that bitch Peach. Enjoy. [/flim]

Fan Made Short Film Based On ‘Fallout’, Not Too Shabby

Words words words.

Not So Good Vibrations For Uncharted Movie

There it is. The face of Nathan Drake of the Uncharted movie. Don’t get me wrong – I actually like Mark Wahlberg as an actor, but something about this combo has my doubts. What also has my doubts is David O. Russell directing something of this scale and action. But Jon Favreau was once a […]

Pixels Getting Full Happy Madison Treatment

From the 8bit Film news desk comes word that the same guy who writes most of the goofy, non-serious stuff Adam Sandler stars in has been hired to write the script for Pixels. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be able to check out the short film after the break. The basic idea is that video […]

InFamous Movie Gets “Writer”

I swear we are not turning into a “games on film” site. It’s just that Hollywood is trying to steal all of your m oney, and I like reporting on it. So, the powers that be have signed the writer of the prequel of the remake of Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre to adapt InFamous. […]

Alien vs. Predator: Marine Campaign Trailer

Sega has just released a new trailer for their upcoming Alien vs. Predator game. The trailer focuses on the easy breezy life of a space marine trying to squash a small Xenomorph infestati on. Call me crazy, but I love playing as the marine in these games, but then again I am masochist. Facehuggers in […]

Castlevania Movie Gets Screwed, I Mean Sawed

Any and all hope I had for Hollywood churning out a solid Castlevania film just blew up in my face like Danny Glover’s torso. James Wan, director of Saw and a movie about killer puppets has been tapped to direct Castlevania. Wan had my respect with Saw, and while it wasn’t the most visually interesting […]

No One Can Hear You Scream In Dead Space

According to the soulless vapid omniscient eye of Variety, D.J. Caruso has been tapped to direct an adaptati on of EA’s Dead Space. Caruso is best known for his film Disturbia, a spiritual remake of Hitchcock

Hitman 5 Plot to Coincide With Movie Sequel

As you may have already heard Hitman 5 is in production – as is a sequel to the so-so movie – and is looking at a late 2010 release. Twentieth Century Fox has hired screenwriter Kyle Ward to script the film which will have caught Agent 47 at a low point and he must build […]

The Movies That Inspired MGS

The Japanese equivalent of Best Buy has put up a list of the movies that apparently inspired Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima. The list is dominated by action (duh) with some sci-fi thrown in for good measure. Chances are also quite high you’ll find one of these films playing in the [8bit] offices. For […]

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