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[8bit Spotlight] G4Box Inc. – We Are Online

Toronto based publisher, G4Box Inc, is a leading digital media company that focuses on publishing and distributing online games. Which they believe will become one of the most significant forms of entertainment in the 21st Century and we couldn’t agree more. Founded in May of 2006, G4Box Inc. is still a fairly young company but […]

[8bit Spotlight] Streamline Studios

This week’s spotlight shines on a studio that is “behind” the scenes of game development. Streamline Studios, an independent developer, don’t necessarily develop the game you play but certain elements and aspects of it. Basically they are in the content creation business for developers – an outsource company that can do everything from concept art […]

[8bit Spotlight] A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games

Our spotlight this week points towards A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Games, an independent game development studio that started in 2004 with two guys in a garage on the rainy coast of Vancouver, Canada. But, really, isn’t that how it always starts? Currently they only have a few titles under their belt – which include Capcom published Rocketmen: Axis […]

[8bit Spotlight] We Have A Winner!!

Well after putting the thousands upon thousands of submissions we received in a hat and mixing them up a bit – we have our first [8bit contest] winner. Kristie from Houston, TX has won the Mirror’s Edge PS3 and Remixes CD contest. We actually just picked up a copy of Mirror’s Edge for 360 and […]

[8bit Spotlight] Last Chance To Win Mirror’s Edge!

Good day folks. Just dropping a line to let you know you

[8bit Spotlight] Win Mirror’s Edge for PS3!

Well if you haven’t heard yet we’re running our first contest. We say first because we have plans to have more – but until then, to have a chance to win a copy of Mirror’s Edge for PS3 and the Remixes EP, just send us an email at with the subject: ‘I want Mirror’s […]

Thank You Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage

Toby’s pitch to store all the old videogame crap we have hanging around our offices for the low, low cost of just $10.99 a month sounded too good to be true. That’s because it is. Sketch comedy troupe Big Dog Eat Child is responsible for this utter brilliance. We can still safely recommend watching Toby’s […]

[8bit Spotlight] Awem Studio

Our new [8bit Spotlight] continues with a casual games developer/publisher called Awem Studio. Awem was founded in 2002 and has become a fast growing developer of casual games for the whole family. They have quite a selection of titles from online games to puzzle games to arcade style games. Some of their more popular titles […]

[8bit Spotlight] Independent Developer: 7 Studios

We’ve decided it’s time to shine some light on the small guys. In a new segment called [8bit Spotlight] we’ll introduce you to a new independent developer every week, or other week, or month, or whenever we get to it – the kind of developers who don’t have the moolah to make a blockbuster release, […]

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