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EA Mobile Bringing You Summer Blockbusters

Merchandise – merchandise – merchandise! Star Trek the lunch box, Wolverine the t-shirt, Harry Potter the doll and GIJOE the flamethrower – the kids really love that one. And now, thanks to EA Mobile all these summer blockbusters will be coming to your mobile phone. Yay! Excitement! Now you can step into your favorite characters […]

EA and Dr Pepper Team Up For Exclusive Downloadable Content

Nothing like two large companies joining marketing forces in an attempt to sell more soda. EA and Dr Pepper are teaming together in a multi-million dollar agreement to bring Dr Pepper fans exclusive downloadable content. If you’re not a Dr Pepper fan well then you’re shit out of luck. Beginning next year fans will have […]

Ubisoft Expands Digital Distribution With Metaboli

Ubisoft is jumping into the digital distribution pool head first. Individual Ubisoft titles will be available for the first time in a digital-download-to-own format through the UBIshop, in europe, and in the US. Metaboli steps in as the European leader in the digital distribution of PC games and will support the UBIshop and […]

Game Crazy iPhone App

Man I wish we had a Game Crazy in Bost on. The closest one is probably in Pawtucket RI. Sadly us Bost onians are stuck with Gamestop’s soul sucking clerks and shoddy stores. I feel like I am in a porno shop every time I walk through the door. I actually walked into a Gamestop yesterday to cancel […]

id Comes to iPhone

God I need to get an iPhone. I would gladly trade my in my DS, Verizon cell, and my first born child (always the ugliest) for one. id Software is bringing Doom Resurrection to the App store next week and it looks fantastic. This is a great precedent for the iPhone. id and Apple are […]

Sex is Violent

Just when I thought I was done spending my hard earned Microsoft points, they pull me back in! Jane’s Addiction’s album “Nothing’s Shocking” will be available for download in Rock Band by this time next week. If for some reason you aren’t familiar with this record, I can without reservation recommend the download. This is […]

Rock Band Going Lego

I’m not sure what the point of this is other than to milk two super franchises, but I guess that is the point. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The Lego Group, Harmonix and MTV Games have announced Lego Rock Band. The title will be available for the usual suspects – PS3, 360, Wii and […]

Term ‘Gamer’ Loosing Meaning With Mainstream Gaming

It’s surprising that even in the economic situation the world is currently in video games somehow managed to not only stay afloat in sales but actually see an increase towards the end of ’08. That mixed with the popularity of the Wii among everyone – not just gamers – has caused a shift in how […]

F.E.A.R. Cats HO!

To promote F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin, the team at Mischief PR are hitting the streets of London with spcially trained black cats in what they say is the first “superstitious ad campaign”. Is anyone actually superstitious anymore? I thought all that shit was debunked way back. Anyway, read more about it here. [via NOTCOT]

Left 4 Dead Billboard Ad

Spotted this billboard ad just around the corner from the [8bit office]. It’s actually been up a really long time and the best thing about it is no one would know what it was unless they’re into gaming. A sign that gaming is getting that big where no explanation billboard ads actually work. We all […]

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