This Nintendo is Made from Solid Aluminum

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Analogue Interactive has been known to re-design the classics in interesting ways. Now they’ve gone an extra step with the classic NES and Famicom systems by machining them out of a single solid block of aluminum. Yup. Made this one out of a single block of aluminum…took me about 70 man hours. I believe it is what your people call a ‘Nintendo’. Either way – this beautifully designed take on a classic can be pre-ordered over at the Analogue Interactive site. Where you’ll have your choice of colors…and that’s about it. It’s on the pricier side (note it’s not an emulator) at $499 but is pretty slick. [Engadget]


8-bit Harmonica Is Exactly How It Sounds

Try not to over analyze this one. It’s a harmonica that pumps out pixelated sounds waves. We like it and so should you. Japanese inventor Basami Sentaku has a place in the 8bitreview Hall of Fame…if we had such a thing. [soundworks]

Matrix: Reloaded with 8-bit Sound Design

One thing I can say is that Matrix: Reloaded was a crappy film. I could spend a few paragraphs on why but that is for…another blog. Not much could make it better except for maybe an 8-bit sound redesign. Phillip Raupach did just that and submitted it to an arts competition at San Francisco State University – it ended up winning for Best Sound Design at the SFSU 2013 BECAfest. We of course love the makeover. [business insider]

If You’re Wondering What 8-Bit Pulp Fiction Looks Like, Wonder No More

Don’t think I have any quips for this one. Or there are too many to choose from so I’ll leave it alone. Pretty much explains itself anyways. From CineFix - the folks that bring you 8-Bit stuff. Enjoy. [mashable]

Every NES Title Screen in One 3 Hour Long Video

Holy sh**! If you don’t want to watch some football game that is happening today you can spend those 3 hours watching every single NES title screen that existed. This compilation put together by NicksplosionFX is impressive (I’ve only gotten about 30 min in so far) and exhaustive. There are definitely titles in there I haven’t played, even heard of or can even read because they’re in Japanese. It’d be nice if they would just put all of these titles in one simple to get to location for playing sake. [joystiq]

Bobby Orr Flies In NHL ’94 Themed Desktop Wallpaper

Considering the [8bit Offices] are located in Boston – we might be a bit biased when we say this might be one of the greatest hockey moments ever. But I think we’ll have some back up on that claim across the hockey community. Well, now thanks to Dave Delisle, we can show off this great moment in gaming style via our desktops. Check out the full list of wallpaper options via Dave’s site. Also check out his pixel based table hockey players featuring those classic Ice Hockey characters – certainly an [8bit Offices] must addition. [Puck Daddy]

Late For the Holidays; ‘Elf’ 10 Year 8 Bit Anniversary

I’m really the only one working in the [8bit Offices] these days – as you can probably tell – if you’re even keeping track. I’ve been lazy in my 8bit news and will continue to be as I post CineFix’s 8 bit offerings in mass stride. I tend to track things down and throw them in a list titled: Great For 8 bit. Then I get bored one Sunday morning and post everything at once. These things happen but I’m sure Russian bots don’t care either way. This is the holiday posting from CineFix - a shout out to ‘Elf’ on it’s 10 year anniversary. Crazy that movie is 10 years old. Enjoy. [Mashable]

That’s No Moon; It’s ‘Star Wars: Tiny Death Star’ in 8-bit

Most things we come across and post here are usually up our alley, but this might take the cake. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a mobile app, available on Android and iOS, that has you working on the Dark Side assisting Palpatine in building an all-new Death Star. A tiny one at that. The game will have you hiring various characters from the Star Wars universe to building over 80 themed floors in attempts to conquer the galaxy. Sounds fun. [engadget]

An 8 Bit Take On ‘Finding Nemo’

I could watch these all day. Although I don’t think this one is as good as the Dark Knight or Anchorman clips – it still holds it’s own. From the same folks that brought you 8bit Dark Knight and 8bit Anchorman  – CineFix has done it’s 8 bit magic with the classic Pixar tale ‘Finding Nemo’. I actually never saw it but I hear good things. Enjoy. [mashable]

The Dark Knight In An 8 Bit World

CineFix is at it again (and I’m late to the game, again) this time telling the intricate tale of the Dark Knight via 8 bit awesomeness. It really gets to the point in this 3 min telling – covering all the major scenes with such ease. OK. Enough talk – just watch it. [mashable]

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