Live action Legend of Zelda teaser certainly is a tease

A fan made live action teaser of Legend of Zelda by the folks at The Zelda Project. It certainly captures the feel of the game. Ears and all. [via mashable]

World 1-1 explores the early years of video gaming

I always enjoy watching documentaries like this. Love seeing how things were and the impact of early decisions had on the future of gaming. World 1-1 takes us through those early days with Atari – the madness, mayhem and creativity that would lead the gaming industry to where it is today. The documentary was funded via Kickstarter and you can watch the full movie at the World 1-1 website for $4. Worth it to me – I’ll probably catch it this weekend. If the trailer doesn’t sell you (or my weekend watching plans), check out a full review from the folks over at Film School Rejects.  [via FSR]

Official Sidearm of 8-Bit Review

The link might be in German, but you get the idea.

Blam blam blam!

‘Pixels’ first trailer not as good as the posters

Ugh. Had a feeling this is what we would get. I loved the concept since I first heard about it but a concept is nothing without proper execution. Hopefully this is just a bad trailer edit and they’re holding back the funny…like all of it. I like the effects for the classic video game characters but this seems fairly terrible.

National Video Game Museum new logo decided via a contest


Apparently the National Video Game Museum had a new logo contest. You can see the entries over at ‘logo my way‘ along with the winners / runner ups. There are about 200+ entries to checkout…some good, some bad, some very ugly. [via Brand New]

This is how Skynet starts; by beating you at Atari games


AI has always been a hot topic, from books to film to the real world, but as technology advances we’re quickly stepping into a world where people are actually concerned over it’s progression. That’s a bit deep for this post but the research Google has been working on lately is just a small step into that world. Google’s AI research division has successfully created AI that can beat humans at some basic classic Atari games, like Breakout. Of course Google is always looking to advanced it’s technology with AI but in particular they’re aiming at improving search results. They want to know what a person wants before they do. Which…with search results seems innocuous but really thinking about that – it’s pretty cool / scary. The project stems form a purchase Google made last year of an AI company called DeepMind.

Now the cool part – they showed the computer 49 Atari games, with no instructions on how to play. The computer was forced to watch and play; combined with a simple reward system for ‘correct’ actions it started to learn how to play and succeed. Crazy. The AI was able to beat humans at 29 of the 49 games it was shown. More complex games that involve split second thinking and planning ahead, like Pac-Man, it didn’t do as well. I’m sure it’ll get there soon enough – and we’ll have a full blown Ultron on our hands. Deciding that we should be destroyed because we can’t defeat it at Breakout. Ughh fun times ahead. [via BI]

‘Say hello to my little 8-bit friend!’

Scarface is one of those lasting classics that seems to always come up during episodes of Cribs. It has it’s moments but really the movie isn’t good until the last 10 minutes. CineFX did their 8-bit tribute to the classic Pacino film – which has a very Double Dragon feel to it. [via Destructoid]

Bayonetta as an 8-bit browser game


I never played Bayonetta – not my cup of tea. But I’ve heard good things and that it’s extremely difficult title to master. Not completely sure why this exists but it’s great either way. My guess is Platinum Games’ wanted to take their April Fool’s joke from 5 years ago to the next step. Check out the 2D 8-bit version of the shape-shifting witch in browser format. [via Engadget]

8-bit Guardians of the Galaxy short film just as fun as the real thing

CineFX always comes through when we need them. This time with 8-bit Guardians of the Galaxy. What’s more impressive is they even nailed the awesome soundtrack. Guardians was certainly the unexpected hit of 2014 and of the Marvel Universe. I would take a guess that a majority of the people who saw this film had no clue who they were. Even better – is this really put James Gunn on the map, which he deserves, and we’re certainly looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for GotG2.  [via /film]

A Chicago suburb is getting a Pac-Man themed restaurant NOM NOM NOM


This year a new restaurant, Level 257 (get it? although I thought the kill screen was at 256?), will be opening at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. A Pac-Man themed restaurant – we see absolutely nothing wrong with this. Most likely they’ll have cherry flavored cocktails and pretzels that everyone will try and order, but end up skipping just to get to the next course. The restaurant is still hiring and has a fairly active tumblr account if you’d like to follow a stream of updates about a restaurant opening.  Hit the jump for the official release. [via /film]

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