Daft Punk’s Latest Album Gets an 8-bit Makeover

I’m so behind on this stuff. This has been around for a while now but it’s too far up our 8-bit alley to ignore. Musician Joe Jeremiah has put together an impressive (well certainly in our minds) 8-bit version of Daft Punk’s latest album Random Access Memories. The video above will give you a taste of the 8-bit sonic masterpiece – but Joe has managed to cover the entire album if you’re so interested. [mashable]

Kick Ass as an 8-bit Edgar Allen Poe in EDGAR

EDGAR, the great Victorian adventure game, puts you in control of an 8-bit Edgar Allen Poe  hunting down Jack the Ripper in an effort to save your wife from a fate worse than death! The adventure platformer/lootfest, as developer Wrought Iron Games describes it, is set in a side-scrolling alternate Victorian London. The above video is of pre-alpha footage and apparently some gameplay changes have been made but it’ll give you an idea of what you’re getting into. [mashable]

Father Gamer: Alone


Hey folks, remember when I said the next Father Gamer would have to do with products? I lied.

I have more pressing matters to discuss. My wife didn’t leave me, but tell that to my liver. Last weekend marked the first time my wife and child took a trip without dear old me. I kept telling myself it wasn’t a big deal, and that surely I was over reacting. They weren’t going to die in a fiery wreck. Nothing bad was going to happen. They don’t need me all the time.

Looper Goes 8bit

I must say 2012 has been (and continues to be) quite a year for movie fans and after the massive summer blitz…the fall isn’t looking to shabby. First we have the new Dredd (I know, I know) in a week or so then a week later we have this nice time travelling gem Looper via Rian Johnson. I was into this film as soon as I heard the premise and who was in it, then I saw a trailer and was completely sold. Making the video above that much better – an 8bit-ified Looper game – complete with classic 8bit sounds and cut scenes. Video was made by Deepak Chetty a sci-fi aficionado, Austinite via other places that end in ‘ite’ and self proclaimed pug owner. Enjoy. [/film]

Mario Comes Alive Via Post-It Notes

This never gets old. Post It note art and stop motion animation will always be fun. Of course this has a little extra 8bit lovin’ as the Mario landscape morphs into a short Pac-Man board. All in all it’s a great quick video that lands right in our 8bit wheel house. Check out Final Cut King’s YouTube Channel for more videos. [via mashable]

Father Gamer: Conception




Hey Folks, welcome to 8bitreview’s “Father Gamer,” a new segment on being a good father while maintaining your status as a good gamer. Speaking as a parent of a 5-month old, I can say parenthood is the most rewarding thing I have ever done…but that doesn’t mean I’m done with virtual accolades. Friends and family will tell you that you need to say goodbye to various things that make you happy, including gaming. I am here to tell you these people are scaremongers who are trying to project their poor decision-making and perpetual unhappiness on you. Not only is gaming possible, it will make you a happier person and thus a better parent. 

It’s Gonna Be an 8bit Summer on 3DS

Nintendo is making this summer that much sweeter by releasing 8 classics to the 3DS eShop in the month of July. I don’t own a 3DS and I already beat most of these games the first time around, actually that’s a lie I beat one of these games, but nothing wrong with re-visiting a few classics anyways. Portable too. Below is the release lineup. [joystiq]

  • July 5th – The Legend of Zelda
  • July 12th – Kirby’s Pinball Land & The Sword of Hope 2
  • July 19th – Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters,  Tumblepop & Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3
  • TBD – Sonic Blast & Sonic Labyrinth

Legend of Zelda Nursery is Legendary

Cole Bradburn is starting off father hood on the right foot. Bradburn spent about 150 hours creating this Legend of Zelda nursery masterpiece for his son-to-be. It might be a bit more impressive than the Yoshi themed nursery he did for a friend. All in all – we need more dad’s like Bradburn. Awesome stuff. [mashable]

Learn the VIM Ropes via VIM Adventures

Vim Adventures

VIM is a very basic text editor for Windows / MAC / Linux that every developer knows about but only the hardcore use as their primary text editor. It’s all command line – no GUI here. Like I said it’s not for the faint of heart or those that love auto complete. I’ve used VIM (sadly) maybe 12 times in my life so I’m definitely no expert although I am a keyboard shortcut activist. Either way VIM Adventures teaches you VIM via a “Zelda-esque” adventure game. I started this in hopes to up my VIM skills…I’m getting there. Check out more details at the VIM Adventures site. [lifehacker]

Home Screen Assemble! 8bit Style

If you’re like everyone else you probably saw the Avengers. And like everyone else (other than an unnamed 8bitreview editor, ah hemBen) you probably really really enjoyed the film. I know I did immensely. Well if you’re a fan of the Avengers and 8bit stuff you can take it a step further by getting this 8bit Avengers home screen setup on your phone. Like most things I find cool – I haven’t tried it yet. Mostly because I’m lazy and if it doesn’t happen within the first 5 min of me seeing it. It won’t. Check out the full list and how to over at LifeHacker. [lifehacker.com]

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