[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Start At Any Level After Beating the Game


This is an easy one. After beating the game you’ll be sent back to the title screen – just hit B and you’ll be able to choose to start at any level you want. How nice of them. [via BI]

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Infinite Lives

The holy grail of Super Mario Bros. cheats. The infinite lives cheat! Everyone knows about this one – or at least should – but knowing about it and being able to pull it off are different stories. I think I’ve only done it twice, but I’ve also only tried it twice. That’s not true. I’ve lost a ton of lives and time trying to perfect this. But once you get it – it’s pretty glorious. Especially when your life count in between levels becomes a cloud or some random object that now equals a number so high in Mario world it doesn’t matter. I’d explain how to do it but it’ll be a waste of time. Just watch the video and practice…practice…practice. Nothing sounds so sweet as extra lives just roll in. [via myself…and BI for reminding me]

Mario and the One Foot Sliding Trick


Kickoff those Sunday shoes…cause Mario is about to get Footloose. Originally I was going to put this under the [Classic Cheats] but it really isn’t. It’s just Mario being Mario…on one foot! Cool little trick in the classic Super Mario Bros. title –  to do this just hold B and jump immediately after starting a level or exiting a pipe as Fire Mario. Then watch with awe. [via Supper Mario Broth]


Internet Arcade is About To Ruin Your Productivity


This is both awesome and terrible – and only terrible because I’ve already lost hours to it. The Internet Arcade, a project by the Internet Archive – a non-profit that is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form, and JSMESS, is building a collection of browser based arcade games. Currently at 900+ games – this is a fairly exhaustive list. To top it off they’ve even got classic console emulators and a ton of titles in the Console Living Room section. [via BI]

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Extra Life Edition


Doubling down on this edition of classic cheats with not one, but two ways of earning those extra lives we all love so dearly. Of course there is the infinite life trick – but that’ll be covered separately since it deserves the attention. These are a bit more simple in execution. First up is the invisible block 1-Up. To get this one you need to collect all the coins in the third level of any world. For example, if you collect all coins in World 1-3 there will be a bonus 1-Up waiting for you in the first level of the next world – i.e. World 2-1. Of course it’ll be hidden in an invisible block but I’m sure you’ll find it.

Second up is the quick 8 streak koopa kill extra life. Turtle a koopa and hit it to the right of the screen. If you kill 8 in a row – boom – extra life. It’s been awhile but I think there are only a few spots where this works. [via BI]

8bitMMO Full Launch Trailer

We actually covered this awhile back when it was still in it’s infant stages. It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in but the other day we received an official press release about a full launch. So now it’s even more ready than before. Check out the launch trailer above – and big 1.0 changes that are now in place. Along with the big updates the user base has grown significantly exceeding over 650,000 registered users. Updates will continue even after this big launch.

Since it’s inception 8bitMMO has won several awards, including Best Technological Game at Tokyo Game Show’s Sense of Wonder Night, Winner of the Seattle Independent Game Competition, and Director’s Choice at the Indie Prize Showcase in San Francisco.  To register and get more details head over to 8bitmmo.net.

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Minus World


As a former QA engineer (and still one at heart) I really enjoy finding bugs in code/websites/games. Some are straightforward issues – player can’t do expected action at expected time or there is clipping etc – but sometimes you get bugs that completely defy the logic that powers it. These are the gems as they produce scenarios no one could have expected based on the written code. This Super Mario Bros. bug is just that. I’ve actually seen this one first hand and it’s an interesting one. Basically, the bug allows you to access a minus world that doesn’t really exist (well it should be 36-1 according to transmissionzero). With a little half jump / slide move at the end of 1-2 you’ll access the warp pipes in the hidden room – which will send you to world -1, which is basically world 7-2. Head over to transmissionzero.co.uk for detailed steps. [via BI]

Get Access to Classic Games from Infogrames, Accolade & MicroProse via ‘Retroism’


Retroism is the brain child of Tommo Inc. & Night Dive Studios which will bring to life the classics of yesteryear. This is actually old news – I’ve been behind on things lately as this was released back in Oct 2014. Better late then never I guess. Either way, games will be available via digital distribution such as Steam, GOG.com, Amazon and Humble Store to name a few. Titles making their Steam debut will be released weekly throughout the fall. Go check it out at Retroism.com. [via Engadget]

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Game Over Man, Game Over!


Classic titles didn’t have much in terms of ‘saves slots’ or ‘checkpoints’. Instead, you learned to cherish every life you had to accomplish your mission. Old school games were an exercise of trial and error and starting from the beginning if you failed beyond what was acceptable. Well, this little cheat alleviates that. Once at the the “Game Over” screen for either Player 1 or 2, simply hold the A button and hit start. Instead of going back to 1-1 – you’ll start at the beginning of the world you were in. So if you’re on world 5-4 you’ll start at 5-1. [via BI]

8-bit Freerunning Takes It To a New Level

Parkour is pretty awesome. Every once in awhile I’ll find myself dragged into a YouTube parkour video watching spree. Similar to the wikipedia knowledge rabbit hole of link clicking. Now, mix parkour with a little 8-bit theme and you’ve got our full undivided attention. This guy, Jason Paul, does some cool freerunning while battling ninjas and leveling up in this 8-bit themed video. Also, check out the behind-the-scenes making of video. Not how I expected them to shoot this at all. [via mashable]

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