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Ultimate Famicom unboxing

The unboxing ritual we see captured on every tech blog isn’t anything new. Since the dawn of new packaged technology, people have been unboxing. The excitement. The first smell of new plastic. The organizing and accounting for all expected parts within their own individual packaging is all part of it….

8-bit Crap

8-bit beer is smoother than you’d expect

I went to Denver a couple months ago for a beer festival. The Great American Beer Festival to be exact. It was a great weekend of food, beer and friends. One evening we decided to stay in at our AirBnB and take it easy. I mean, we had been at…

8-bit Film

Captain America: Civil War 8-bit trailer

If you haven’t seen Civil War yet – I highly suggest you do. It’s a blast and, like Winter Soldier before it, a really good movie. I always enjoy these 8-bit (although more 16-bit at times) trailers. This one nails it again. The sound track is perfect and they manage…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Punk rock meets retro gaming in this music video

Canadian punk rock band, PUP (it’s OK, I never heard of them either), released a new track called “DVP” a few weeks ago. Shortly after, to accompany the single, the band released the song’s video which is simple in concept but also over-the-top fun. Well, at least we think so….

8-bit Cool Stuff

Star Wars 8-bit deaths

Warning: The following video has spoilers for every Star Wars film to date. If haven’t seen any of them…well, that’s a whole other issue. pipocaVFX put together this quick 8-bit video of every major death in the Star Wars films. It’s pretty damn adorable. [via: The Verge | source: pipocaVFX]

8-bit Cool Stuff

This might be the best looking portable emulator

Pixel Vision is the vision of Swedish designer Love Hultén. Known for crafting beautiful looking electronics, his latest project is a portable emulator for such classics as the NES, Atari 2600, and original Game Boy. It has about 8 hours of battery life and can hold about 10,000 games. There are two…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Weekend project – setup this awesome NES emulator for Windows

With today’s technology you can skip trying to find your classic system of choice via an online bidding war, or hope that the system you picked up off craigslist is actually going to work. With emulators we can easily recreate the nostalgia of classic gaming in a few clicks, and…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Play] Malcolm In The Middle as a sidescroller

Malcolm In The Middle was a great show that, to me, always felt somewhat underrated. It gave us Bryan Cranston well before his Hollywood boom, a different take on the family sitcom, and…um…Frankie Muniz. It’s also the basis for this sidescrolling 8-bit game where the object is to keep Malcolm…