8 bit

The Dark Knight In An 8 Bit World

CineFix is at it again (and I’m late to the game, again) this time telling the intricate tale of the Dark Knight via 8 bit awesomeness. It really gets to the point in this 3 min telling – covering all the major scenes with such ease. OK. Enough talk –…

Half Life 8bit Version

Some major coolness coming from Etsy’s handmade geek art. If you ever imagined what Half Life would have looked liked in the NES days, here you go. Impress your friends at your next BBQ – likely some of the coolest fridge magnets, ever. [Source]

We Found Our Official Sleep Mask

We’re not sure if you’ve tried one, but sleep masks take the harsh light of day or a companion reading in bed right out of the equation. We love them! Now Thai company Studiobo offers this take prefectly tailored to the complete 8bit lifestyle we’re trying to live. Get your…

Happy Birthday 8bitreview!

Today is our 1st 8bit birthday – thanks for remembering by the way. You can wish us a happy belated b-day over those beers you owe us. I mean even this guy remembered our birthday and put together this great song for us. Clearly he is much cooler than you….