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‘Mega Man X’ Is Not Too Shabby For a $700 Fan Made Film

Not bad. Goes to show what you can do with some ambition and $700. I actually thought the opening was really well done. It set a cool tone and lead in with decent effects to the main battle. I don’t have much else to say other than it’s pretty cool and impressive….and it’s Mega Man […]

Gurk; The Power Of 8bit In the Palm Of Your Hand

I feel silly posting this now since this has been around for apparently a year. But, as people say when they’re running late for something and need a cliche excuse: better late than never. Gurk, a port from J2ME by the fellas at Larva Labs,  is an 8bit RPG for Android. It tells a classic […]

8bitMMO! – Finally Your 8bit Sandbox Is Here

It’s true. It has over 100 pixels. If you’re tired of your standard MMO’s where you run around as elves, warlocks or some cat-bird-human hybrid with level 34 anti-social skills then 8BitMMO might be up your alley. 8BitMMO is a (free) 2D 8bit construction sandbox where you can build whatever you like either solo or […]

Pixel Art + Chiptune Music + Oktoberfest = Oddly Awesome

This might be my new anthem. I have no idea what a Cubie is. But I do know what Oktoberfest is and this combination of ridiculousness is just catchy enough to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Some classic 8-bit references in here too which make it that much greater. […]

In These Cool Mario Propaganda Posters – Koopa Needs You!

How do you get all those goombas to join the fight against two Italian plumbers? Simple. You create propaganda posters – that’s how.  These Mario Propaganda posters were created by Fro Design Co. and look awesome. There are 4 total for $80 which isn’t bad and you can find them over at the Fro Design Co. […]

NEStalgia Brings 8bit and MMO Worlds Together

This might be the coolest 8bit news in awhile. NEStalgia is an original, and free to play, MORPG that combines the classic 8bit RPG feel with an online community. Pretty awesome. Check out the trailer video first then head over to the official site to download.  [joystiq]

Functional 8bit Violin, Well Sort Of

If it can be 8bitted – make it so. Well this homemade beauty was built as apart of an art experiment called an instrument a day, where artist Ranjit Bhatnager builds a new homemade instrument…um…each day. Today seems to be our lucky day as he decided to take on making an 8bit violin that actually […]

The Great Gatsby for NES

Not much to say. You either read it and know it or have no idea what this is. Either way it’s a pretty fun side scrolling 8bit version of the epic story that will ruin your day. Check out this flash based browser game over at Great Gatsby Game.  Although you might be better off […]

8bit Your Twitter Avatar

Yeah – you can do this too. Not really much more to say except give credit to where credit is due. But trailing this seems like waaaay too much work so for a step by step how to and a heart warming story of who did what head over to techcrunch.

8bit ‘Aliens’ Video Game Uncovered

Ripley, believe it or not, you had a video game back in the day. One of the greatest action films of all time, yes this is fact, had an 8bit counterpart originally planned for the Famicom Disk System – an add-on never released for the American NES. Now for the punchline – this 24 year […]

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