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What Is This A Chinese Democracy? Axl Sues Activision For Slash Likeness

Sha na na na knees – you in the jungle baby. This should be useless video game blog #2645 that started this story with a shitty and cheesy axl rose/GNR song reference. We’ve done our part. Axl Rose, out of apparent boredom, is suing Guitar Hero makers Activision for $20 million for using Slash in 2007’s […]

Modern Warfare 2 Kicking Record Book Ass and Taking No Names…At All

So I think people expected MW2 to kick ass in sales but this is ridiculous. Activision/Blizzard Inc. (both should be thanking God for this) announced that MW2 is shattering all sorts of records – boasting a new worldwide estimated five-day sell-through record of aprox. $550 million. Are you titty-f**kin (TFin’) me? This is taking them […]

[8bit Review] Rock Band vs Guitar Hero

Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: MTV Games and Activision/Red Octane Developer: Harmonix and Neversoft Website: Tim here, cursed with the arduous task of comparing and contrasting Harmonix’s stellar Rock Band to NeverSoft’s challenging but tired Guitar Hero III…wait just a minute here. I think I just finished. I mean I could have sworn I was […]

Warner Music Wants More Money; Activision Hits Back

Warner music recently said that they should receive more on royalties from tracks on games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Well Activision Blizzard’s CEO Robert Kotick thinks differently and had some comments for Warner Music. Stating that they failed to mention the benefits to music sales from Guitar Hero and that they aren’t realizing […]

Beatles Entering Video Game World? HELP!

According to a report from Financial Times, Beatles representatives are in talks with Activision and MTV, the folks respectively behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band, to create a Beatles-themed video game. (Please don’t let it be a Help video game, please don’t let it be a Help video game.) I’m a fan of the Beatles […]

Guitar Hero Drums?

In a move that shocked autistic children everywhere, Activision has released pictures of their new drum kit for Guitar Hero. That’s right kiddies, Activision is once again riding on the coat tales of Harmonix. The drum kit has (gasp) symbols! In related news, I poached this information from Kotaku, and they poached it from Destructoid’s forums […]

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