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IKEA Tetris Ad, Simple and Fun

As kind of a hobby I follow a few advertising blogs. I’m not an advertising guru by any means but definitely have a fascination and appreciation for the process (even for the completely annoying ads). I’ve always been intrigued by the psychology behind it, the creativeness and at times humor that can be generated by […]

Hey Advertisers – It’s All About the Indie Games

While game development costs for triple-A titles, like Halo and GTA, start reaching into the budgets of major films (GTA IV estimated at $100 mil – about the same for Starship Troopers, Terminator 2, Minority Report among others) so does their need advertising dollars. We’ve commented before on in-game advertising and everyone has an opinion […]

Because We Love All Things Monopoly

This is first and foremost a gaming website, and what’s more gamey than Monopoly? I’ll answer for you…maybe checkers, but not much else. Check out these slick German ads for the board game. The above happens to be Boardwalk, the most expensive spot on the board. Follow this link to see the other three, representing […]

Left 4 Dead Billboard Ad

Spotted this billboard ad just around the corner from the [8bit office]. It’s actually been up a really long time and the best thing about it is no one would know what it was unless they’re into gaming. A sign that gaming is getting that big where no explanation billboard ads actually work. We all […]

Sony, IGA and EA…oh my!

I’ve always been interested with the in-game advertising, seeing where it is and where it might go. Well this recent agreement by Sony, IGA, and EA, (by the way can we get a break from EA, really?) shows the movement of in-game advertising and how important some big players think it is. IGA signed a […]

[8bit Crap] Lebanese Red Cross Poster

Clearly I like advertising and these days a lot of it seems to be pointed squarely at gamers, even in fricking Lebanon. Check out the above poster in big form here. A pretty simple but I think effective plea to give blood or whatever. [Comunicadores]

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