DIY Arcade Stick 8-bit Cool Stuff

DIY time! Build an arcade stick

The weekend is fast approaching and that means – DIY time! With all the emulator talk lately maybe it’s time we build a classic arcade stick to go with it. Designed by Fredrik Setterberg, the BambooArcade, is a clean, simple design built using IKEA parts, arcade components and screws. Seems obvious…

Classic Arcade ‘Game Over’ Scenarios in Stop Motion

This one has probably been around awhile but it’s still damn cool. Created by the artist only known as PES, it takes us into the ‘Game Over’ scenarios of some classic arcade titles using everyday objects. Well almost, not sure if cupcakes are everyday objects for everyone. They should be.

Another Time Killer While At Work

If there is one thing we really enjoy doing it’s getting lost in a network of online games. Game Tweek stands by their moto of ‘network of addicting free games…’ once you start playing these quick and easy flash based games you’ll be hooked. With a few variations on Megaman,…

Play All The Classics Online = Our 8bit Heaven

I think we have found our 8bit heaven and its called Retromundi. Retromundi is a Classic Gaming Community with I think just about every single 8bit game you could think of. Go ahead think of one…they’ll have it. It’s a mix of one of those social networking sites with 8bit…

Pontiac Actually Does Provide Some Excitement!

Since I haven’t figured out how to embed video yet, you’ll have to follow this link to check out the pretty damn cool Pontiac advert that recreates the arcade classic. No, I didn’t ever think I’d be putting Pontiac and cool in the same sentence.

We Want One! More [8bit] Crap

British site The Cool Hunter is selling this beautiful piece of hardware that would be right at home as the new kitchen table of [8bit] Central. It comes loaded with PacMan, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Space Invaders, Frogger and 44 other 80’s classics. The company even claims it’s durable enough to…