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12 crafty gaming beers

There’s nothing like enjoying a good beer. Or playing a great game. Fortunately, we live in a great time for both. We’re in the middle of a beer renaissance where there is literally a flavor for everyone. It’s almost intimidating and annoying at the amount of options we have. We’re getting…

8-bit Crap

8-bit beer is smoother than you’d expect

I went to Denver a couple months ago for a beer festival. The Great American Beer Festival to be exact. It was a great weekend of food, beer and friends. One evening we decided to stay in at our AirBnB and take it easy. I mean, we had been at…

Max Payne 3 Father Gamer 8-bit Original

Father Gamer: Alone

Hey folks, remember when I said the next Father Gamer would have to do with products? I lied. I have more pressing matters to discuss. My wife didn’t leave me, but tell that to my liver. Last weekend marked the first time my wife and child took a trip without dear old…