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BioShock Available for Mac October 7

I can’t imagine many Mac owners really caring about this. But Feral Interactive will be releasing the critically acclaimed BioShock for Mac. I guess that’s something to get excited about, but if you’re that much into gaming you own a console or better yet a gaming PC built to the 9s. (is that even a […]

2K Announces BioShock 2 Global Release Date

Finally – some good news. 2K Games have announced a global release date of – February 9, 2010 – for the much anticipated BioShock 2. Mark your god-damn gaming calenders! The game is already available on pre-order at some retailers. Taking place 10 years after the first title the halls of Rapture are once again […]

PS3; Bioshock release date officially announced

After rumors and talks its been finally – and officially announced by 2k Games that Bioshock will be released on PS3 in North America October 21st with an international release on October 24th. The PS3 version coming after the huge success the game had on the 360 will definitely open the game to a new […]

Hollywood’s Big Daddy

Variety is reporting and Take Two is confirming that a live action adaptation of BioShock has been green-lit. Gore Verbinski is attached to direct. Verbinski is most well known for the explosive diarrhea that is the Pirates of the Caribean triology. But we should not forget that he is the one that scared our Skidz off with his […]

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