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BioWare Releases New SWTOR Video: Rebirth of The Sith Empire

In case you’re keeping tabs on your SWTOR history BioWare has released another ‘when they were Sith’ videos outlining the Rebirth of the most hated club around. I’m not totally caught up on my pre Vader history but the basic jist of the video is ‘Master Gnost-Dural investigates the story of a Grand Moff who […]

Mass Effect 2 Announced

In a move that surprised no one except for those dirty uneducated Krogans, BioWare officially announced Mass Effect 2 today. Dr. Ray Muzyka General Manager and CEO of BioWare promised to “surpass the extraordinary gaming experience we brought our fans in Mass Effect by delivering intensified combat and expanded weapon options as well as increased depth of […]

[8bit Review] Mass Effect

Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios and EA Developer: BioWare Website: Sorry this review is a tad late folks. I got this bad Larry for Christmas and as I popped it in, my 360 pissed in my face. Two 360’s later, around 10 hours of dialogue and one poorly rendered sex scene I […]

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