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New Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Clip

Hey guy, welcome to the coolest 32 seconds of your day. I am shocked how great Blur Studios is doing with these trailers. This is the part of the post that I am contractually obligated to trash talk George Lucas…but I just can’t force myself to do it…I actually liked Revenge of the Sith…I mean, […]

My Girlfriend Might Even Let Me Hang One On The Wall…

…but probably not. Check out more of artist Christian Waggoner’s work and order prints here. [via /film]

[8bit Review] Star Wars the Force Unleashed

George Lucas and the boys at LucasArts finally get a chance to show off what a Jedi can do in the video game world. Star Wars The Force Unleashed helps fill in the gap between Revenge of The Sith and A New Hope. The story itself will be viewed as mostly fluff by the uninitiated, […]

Star Wars Force Unleashed Trailer Posted: Badass!

Uhhhh just watch it. Completely badass and all I know is I can’t wait to F up some wookies! 

Darth and Yoda Look Cool In SC IV, Duh.

Star Wars is so tied into everything these days that it’s no surprise that a few of the most recognized characters on the planet might pop up in a new fighting game. So much cooler than Spawn and Link, now Darth Vader (pictured above hitting on schoolgirls) and Yoda will be seen in Soul Caliber […]

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