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[DIY 8-bit] Build an NES game in C

I’m a big fan of DIY projects. From retro controllers to cosplay to retro consoles I think it’s the best way to learn and, of course, it pays off with some cool new toys you can call your own. This next project might be tough to top as it’s programming…

DIY Arcade Stick 8-bit Cool Stuff

DIY time! Build an arcade stick

The weekend is fast approaching and that means – DIY time! With all the emulator talk lately maybe it’s time we build a classic arcade stick to go with it. Designed by Fredrik Setterberg, the BambooArcade, is a clean, simple design built using IKEA parts, arcade components and screws. Seems obvious…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Extra bits] DIY a retro multi-system controller

It’s snowing here in Boston. The city is pretty much on lock down with an expected 8 – 12 inches of snow. A perfect day to get some gaming in and knock out some fun DIY projects by Ben Heck. This time around he builds a multi-system controller using the…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Arts ‘n Crafts day – DIY Mega Man costume

I’m not much of a cosplayer. I enjoy the effort others put into their costumes and seeing the level of detail they get. But for the most part the closest I get to cosplaying is on Halloween. I did make my own Iron Man costume one year. It was more…

DIY Racing Simulator Is The Next Project You’ll Never Finish

Go ahead. Download the 66 page instruction .pdf, gather you’re building materials, and even recruit a few friends to help you out and I’m still betting you’ll never finish it. Prove me wrong by sending us proof you finished the job and I’ll send you a very special 8bit prize….