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Chrome is the New NES

Google just can’t stop worming its way into my rotting heart. Ben Firshman has ported a NES emulator called vNES into JavaScript, Despite the misleading title JSNES, this is a near perfect product when you run it using Google’s new web browser, Chrome. 8bit shout outs go Stan Schroeder at Mashable for this nugget of information. I personally haven’t played […]

Who’s Turn Is It To Clean The Puke Out Of The Sonic Simulator?

In what reads like a grand announcement that’ll change the face of shopping the world over, Sega and developer Emaar say they’ll start putting themed arcades in Middle Eastern and North African malls. Big deal. We’ve been doing it here in the States for decades. Sega and Emaar to open Middle East theme parks (Games […]

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