Facebook Coming to Your Face…and PS3

Yep – Facebook will now be on the PS3 with a slow roll out happening over the next few days with the latest PS3 update. You probably already have it and don’t even know it. 360’s recent update brought it and now it’s everywhere. So now you can update your…

Browser Based Ninja Game

Ninjutsu, sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpo, is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside of Japan as ninja). A female ninja is called a Kunoichi. While there are several styles of modern ninjutsu, not all can…

Bejeweled 8-bit General

We Heart PopCap Games

Having a hard time filling the hole that Scrabulous left in your Facebook e-heart? Never fear, the good folks at PopCap Games have released Bejeweled Blitz as a new Facebook application. Bejeweled Blitz is essentially a completive version of Bejeweled which allows users to go at it head to head….

L-A-W-S-U-I-T; A Triple Word Score

Ok. So this might be a tad of a stretch for us, but I do know a lot of people who are addicted to Scrabulous, and thats a funny picture. Apparently the makers of Scrabulous, the Facebook application, are getting sued by Hasbro, stating that the game infringes on its…