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[8bit Impressions] Ghostbusters: The Video Game

I figure I’d do a ‘first impression’ of the new Ghostbusters video game rather than wait for a full review because that could be months from now. My roommate picked up a copy this morning for PS3 and rubbed it in my face, through a quick gchat, that he was “busting ghosts” while I was […]

We Finally Have A Set Appointment With The Ghostbusters!

We’ve been shameless Ghostbuster fanatics since way back in ’84, baby! My father and I even left my mom in a screening of The Never Ending Story to skip over to the next theater for another viewing. That old bookstore and big flying dog just couldn’t stand up next to unlicensed nuclear accelerators and paranormal […]

Got a Publisher? Who Ya Gonna Call?

There may light at the end of the can’t-get-this-f***ing-game-released tunnel after all. Atari has picked up the rights for Ghostbusters after the whole Activision/Vivendi merger left the games original publisher Sierra in the cold. We can look forward to the next Ghostbusters installment “early next summer.” Which in the gaming world means anytime from then […]

Warner Grabs F.E.A.R rights; Beginning of the End for Vivendi

With the merging of Activision Blizzard and the outing of Vivendi there has been talk of unwanted Vivendi titles getting sold off, like Ghostbusters which is why the game has been getting delayed so much, and the 50 Cent title. Among one of the first titles to be picked up was F.E.A.R which was snagged […]

Best Car Mod Of The Year, And Barely Connected To Gaming

I admit that the connection between gaming and this guy’s totally pimped out Ecto Outback is pretty thin, but with a new Ghostbusters game on the way, I’m going for it. Check out the many pics of the lunacy here. [NASIOC] Try here for an added bonus X-Wing Civic. [Velvetron]

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