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This is how Skynet starts; by beating you at Atari games

AI has always been a hot topic, from books to film to the real world, but as technology advances we’re quickly stepping into a world where people are actually concerned over it’s progression. That’s a bit deep for this post but the research Google has been working on lately is just a small step into […]

Gmail Introduces The Official 8bit Theme, Even If They Don’t Know It

Recently, the fine folks in Google’s Gmail division (Yes, they are very nice. You should think so too, because they have all of our personal information. Let’s treat them accordingly! ) released a new theme for the Gmail page called High Score. We haven’t been able to verify this, but we think it may be […]

Chrome is the New NES

Google just can’t stop worming its way into my rotting heart. Ben Firshman has ported a NES emulator called vNES into JavaScript, Despite the misleading title JSNES, this is a near perfect product when you run it using Google’s new web browser, Chrome. 8bit shout outs go Stan Schroeder at Mashable for this nugget of information. I personally haven’t played […]

Google Goes Monopoly On Us – The Game That Is

Today Monopoly City Streets has launched! If you haven’t heard Monopoly and Google, fitting combo by the way, have teamed up to create the largest scale game of Monopoly using Google maps as the board. Players start out with $3 million to buy property across the globe. The point of the game…to become a Monopoly […]

Street Fighter and Mega Man Themes for iGoogle

If you use the internet at all then I’m sure Google owns you too. It owns me but you know what …I don’t mind. I sleep better at night knowing Google is out there protecting every bit of personal information about me. Well now thanks to Capcom and Google you can pimp out your iGoogle […]

An all out brawl: Google Chrome vs Firefox vs IE

I guess to the computing world its like testing the fastest production car. But with the new release of Google Chrome, making Google one step closer to owning the planet, or do they already, of course there has to be some testing. Who’s the fastest? Well the folks over at LifeHacker, among many others, have […]

Google Feeling Lively? Beta Of Course.

Just when you thought Google could do no more. They do. Google just launched their 3D virtual world – Lively, which of course is the Beta version. What of Googles’ isn’t Beta? The online community is similar to Second Life where users can create avatars and socialize in specifically created spaces. Users can visit other […]

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