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Nintendo's Legend of Zelda design doc 8-bit Cool Stuff

Nerd out over these original Legend of Zelda design docs

It’s the 30th anniversary of Legend of Zelda this year and Nintendo is releasing some very cool items in celebration. The latest are original design documents for various sections and levels of the classic hit. The drawings are from the masters themselves, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, and highlight Nintendo’s planning…

Defenders of the Triforce escape room 8-bit Cool Stuff

Legend of Zelda as an escape room game? Sign. Us. Up.

Escape rooms are generally a total blast. I did one here in Boston with co-workers a few years ago. We enjoyed it so much we even discussed plans of coming back. We didn’t. But this isn’t that story. I think the fun part of escape rooms is seeing how the…

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The Legend of Zelda as a Studio Ghibli film

The trailer below was created by designer Matt Vince who, awhile back, also created these beautiful Studio Ghibli inspired posters. Well, no surprise, the trailer is just as beautiful. And just in case here’s a bit more info about Studio Ghibli (to be honest I know of their films but couldn’t reference any…

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24-karat gold NES = nerd luxury

Simply beautiful. But completely unnecessary. Those are the first thoughts that come to mind when describing Analogue’s 24-karat gold NES. It’s their latest of beautifully designed NES‘ and was created to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Legend of Zelda. This time around, though, it’ll cost you $5,000 and only 10…

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‘Zelda Timeline’ is an online encyclopaedia of Zelda knowledge

I’m not even sure how I came across this site but I’m glad I did. Zelda Timeline, a personal project of Phil Stringfellow, is a site that “serves as an interactive and fully-featured encyclopaedia for everything to do with the official timeline and more.” It has all the games, box art,…

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Check out Hyrule as a living map in your browser

Have you ever wanted to quickly scale across Hyrule from a bird’s eye view? Well, you can thanks to a few developers who decided to build an HTML5 version of the famous land from A Link to the Past. It’s cool. We enjoy it. [via Verge]

Legend of Zelda Nursery is Legendary

Cole Bradburn is starting off father hood on the right foot. Bradburn spent about 150 hours creating this Legend of Zelda nursery masterpiece for his son-to-be. It might be a bit more impressive than the Yoshi themed nursery he did for a friend. All in all – we need more…