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Rock Band Going Lego

I’m not sure what the point of this is other than to milk two super franchises, but I guess that is the point. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games, The Lego Group, Harmonix and MTV Games have announced Lego Rock Band. The title will be available for the usual suspects – PS3, 360, Wii and […]

A Couture Campaign Aimed At Us? Huh?

Haute couture merchant Lanvin‘s new print campaign is apparently directed at us. Girls with weird make-up in custom dresses surrounded by Pacman and Invaders imagery firing Lego guns. Who else could they be trying to sell their custom wares to but us? See the rest of the shots here.

Lego Batman cartoon in the works

Traveller’s Tales are experimenting with the idea of turning their Lego success into a TV show. Apparently a 20-min Lego Batman cartoon is in the works and will use the same engine as the upcoming game. “We’re looking to do… a Lego Batman series. I think they’re looking at doing a one-off initially,” he said. […]

[8bit Review] Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: LucasArts/TT Games Developer: Travelers Tales Website: A long time ago in a Legoland far far away… Finally, the two things that dominated my childhood have come together to create the ultimate experience. That’s right, Star Wars has been “Legofied”. This time around you won’t have to read steps 1 through […]

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