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BioShock Available for Mac October 7

I can’t imagine many Mac owners really caring about this. But Feral Interactive will be releasing the critically acclaimed BioShock for Mac. I guess that’s something to get excited about, but if you’re that much into gaming you own a console or better yet a gaming PC built to the 9s. (is that even a […]

A Loophole Into Mushroom Kingdom Living?

Every time we post something Mario related, it fucks the whole vibe of our little website! Harkening back to those simpler 8 and 16 bit days where everything was side-scrolling and 2 buttons were all you needed. I spent a few moments wondering why we pay hundreds of dollars a year for the newest and […]

Hacker: Revolution Untold Available for Mac

Here’s a bone for all you Mac users out there. By the way just to get this out there a PC can do the same things as a Mac and a Mac the same things a PC can do. It just comes down to preference. Also technically a Mac is a PC – that’s just […]

Motorcycle Game That Is Cool But A Stretch For This Space

Let’s get a few things straight on this one before I get into what I actually want to show you. None of us own or plan to own Macs. There is no heading above for Mac games, because generally they are non-existent. When they do exist, they’re watered down versions of PC games. Further, none […]

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