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Lost Microsoft QA Memo Found!!

Well it wasn’t really but going by Microsoft’s track record with their products you know it has to be out there. I’m not a fanboy of any sort – I actually don’t mind MS products – use ’em everyday – sans IE. I am a fanboy of shit working right tho. Now, I understand the […]

Portal: Still Alive Breaks Record – and Probably Your Storage

This weeks Xbox Live Arcade title – Portal: Still Alive has broken the current XBLA size-cap of 350MB with its ridonkulous 629MB. I see your bandwidth and I raise you 300MB. Micro$oft’s Aaron Greenberg commented – not so much about the game itself but about the cap increase: “We don’t want to limit developers from […]

360 Getting Exclusive Tomb Raider: Underwold Content

Tomb Raider: Underworld episodes are to be released exclusively on the Xbox 360. Around six hours of extra material in two distinct chapters to be exact. The first chapter, entitled Beneath the Ashes, will be available this Christmas and the second chapter, Lara’s Shadow, is due out in early ’09. Blah blah blah. Everyone is […]

Gates and Seinfeld, Wow

We may be a little late to the party sharing this wonderful campaign with you, but we don’t give a shit. Gates and Seinfeld make the most powerful comic team in history, if measured by the size of their net worths. Perhaps the reason we like these ads most is because they don’t seem to […]

Xbox 360 gets a price cut and smokes out a house

The Xbox 360 price cuts are now official. Arcade will go for $199,  Standard 360 will go for $299, and Elite will go for $399. Thank god, we can all sleep now. In other fantastic 360 news – a home in Cochrane, Alberta (thats Canada) – was smoked out by its Xbox 360. The homeowner […]

Contradictions Are Everywhere; Even Our Own Site

Now we feel kinda like schmucks. In our lame attempts to at least make something off our seemingly useless site – we’re shooting for a 30pk a month – we put up ads via Google. Now, they don’t look too bad  – they add some ‘life’ and imagery to the site and every once in […]

Halo 4 to be a Gearbox title?

Apparently rumor has it that Microsoft has been in “talks” with Gearbox, the studio behind Brothers in Arms and the much anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines, about working on Halo 4 or whatever it may be called. According to an insider close to Gearbox both parties are excited about the prospect of the project but no […]

Rock your vote out with your Xbox Live out

In an effort to get us ‘under 30-somethings’ more involved with the political process – Microsoft has an announced a partnership with Rock the Vote which will allow 360 owners to register to vote, participate in presidential polls, oooo polls fun, and voice their opinions to the presidential candidates through Xbox Live. HA That ought […]

DragonForce Single Coming to GH III

The English Speed Metal band DragonForce, and owners of your pitiful soul, will be releasing their new single, “Heroes of Our Time”, as apart of a three song track pack for GH III: Legends of Rock. This will give gamers the opportunity to download and play the track in advance of the album release. The […]

Xbox 360 Sales Godzilla PS3 in Japan

Just when Sony thought they had the console Risk board under control by owning Japan, the 360 comes in like Godzilla and wreaks havoc. For the first time the Xbox 360 has outsold the PS3 in Japan. That’s like getting your ass kicked on your own turf. And so you don’t think I’m just making […]

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