8bitMMO Full Launch Trailer

We actually covered this awhile back when it was still in it’s infant stages. It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in but the other day we received an official press release about a full launch. So now it’s even more ready than before. Check out the launch trailer above –…

8bitMMO! – Finally Your 8bit Sandbox Is Here

It’s true. It has over 100 pixels. If you’re tired of your standard MMO’s where you run around as elves, warlocks or some cat-bird-human hybrid with level 34 anti-social skills then 8BitMMO might be up your alley. 8BitMMO is a (free) 2D 8bit construction sandbox where you can build whatever…

NEStalgia Brings 8bit and MMO Worlds Together

This might be the coolest 8bit news in awhile. NEStalgia is an original, and free to play, MORPG that combines the classic 8bit RPG feel with an online community. Pretty awesome. Check out the trailer video first then head over to the official site to download.  [joystiq]