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Madden 10 Now Available On The iPhone / iPod Touch

You can smell it in the air – it’s football season. To get things started EA mobile has launched Madden NFL 10 in the app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Complete with confusing commentary from John Madden himself. It’s basically Madden 10 but…smaller with PSOne graphics. Classic ‘Play Now’ and ‘Season’ modes are […]

EA Mobile Bringing You Summer Blockbusters

Merchandise – merchandise – merchandise! Star Trek the lunch box, Wolverine the t-shirt, Harry Potter the doll and GIJOE the flamethrower – the kids really love that one. And now, thanks to EA Mobile all these summer blockbusters will be coming to your mobile phone. Yay! Excitement! Now you can step into your favorite characters […]

[8bit Spotlight] Ideaworks3D – Bringing You Mobile Gaming

There’s no denying it – mobile gaming is on its way up. With phones becoming more and more powerful they’re also becoming a center piece of communication and entertainment. The new ‘hot’ thing is developing apps for the iPhone and right behind it is gaming. Helping in that charge is a London based company called […]

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