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This NES Guitar Mod Sounds Like Sh**, Go Figure

File this under useless but cool. hacked together a perfectly working guitar with an NES to create this working guitar that sounds like its playing through a speaker that was knifed to death. To each his own.  This one of a kind, no really there is only one right now, is being sold in […]

Mobile Xbox 360 Mod, I See Your Geek And Raise You One

Holy shit this is cool. Benjamin Heckendorn aka Ben Heck could easily mod your face into something useful – like a walking 360, he’s that good. Or get a 360 drunk enough to hook up with a laptop and conceive this amazingly cool piece of equipment. This isn’t his first attempt at this mod and […]

PS360 Is A Nice Attempt

We PS3 owners know you all in the Xbox crowd are jealous when it comes to a few key aspects of our hardware. Superior engineering and design, mostly. We sypothize. Microsoft just doesn’t care about you the way Sony cares about us. They couldn’t be bothered by taking the time to do the hardware right. […]

Atari Cart + Apple Remote = Atarimote, Duh

See more and get the story behind this little pice of 8bit genius here. [TunerTricks via NOTCOT]

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