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Modern Warfare 2 Kicking Record Book Ass and Taking No Names…At All

So I think people expected MW2 to kick ass in sales but this is ridiculous. Activision/Blizzard Inc. (both should be thanking God for this) announced that MW2 is shattering all sorts of records – boasting a new worldwide estimated five-day sell-through record of aprox. $550 million. Are you titty-f**kin (TFin’) me? This is taking them […]

COD5: Another WWII Game Declaring War On The Competition

So there are a couple of things here: Call of Duty 5: World at War will be set in WWII, again…and will apparently redefine the WWII genre. Treyarch, the developer, insists that COD5 basically will be F’n awesome. Stating that it will capitalize on the success of COD4 and will be the best shooter on […]

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