Alice Cooper Coming To Rock Band 2

Actually, it’s pronounced Mili-wah-kay. I don’t really want to get into giving updates about new tracks coming to Rock Band but it’s Alice Cooper. Next week a 6 pack of tracks will be available in the Rock Band Music Store from the shock rocker including an [8bit Favorite] “School’s Out”….

[8bit Review] Rock Band 2

Platform: Xbox 360 Publisher: MTV Games Developer: Harmonix Website: -The Intro Harmonix’s Rock Band is back on the scene after less than a year after it initial debut. Rock Band 2 expands the track listing and fine tunes what was frustrating while keep that actual core game play almost…

Beatles Entering Video Game World? HELP!

According to a report from Financial Times, Beatles representatives are in talks with Activision and MTV, the folks respectively behind Guitar Hero and Rock Band, to create a Beatles-themed video game. (Please don’t let it be a Help video game, please don’t let it be a Help video game.) I’m…