NES Classic Mini

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Nintendo released original manuals for the NES Classic Mini

Ok. Outside of not producing enough, which could be argued as the most important, Nintendo did an all around awesome job with the release of the NES Classic Mini. They brought back the old power hotline, the retro ads AND included digital versions of the original instruction manuals for each…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Need more NES nostalgia? Buy this book

I’m not saying you should buy it. They didn’t tell me to tell you to buy it. I’m just saying – if you’re into this big retro push lately around the NES then there’s a cool book you might like. That’s all. As we all know the NES Classic Mini…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Ad for NES Classic Mini console lays the retro on thick

We live in a time where those that grew up with the 80’s are now in charge. So what do we get? All those cools things from the 80’s…but in HD! Nintendo announced not too long ago they’ll be releasing a mini NES with 30 preloaded games. The internet rejoiced…