Very first NES ad 8-bit Cool Stuff

[DIY 8-bit] Build an NES game in C

I’m a big fan of DIY projects. From retro controllers to cosplay to retro consoles I think it’s the best way to learn and, of course, it pays off with some cool new toys you can call your own. This next project might be tough to top as it’s programming…

Retro-bit NES Controller coffee table 8-bit Crap

NES controller coffee table holds your coffee too

Part coffee table. Part NES controller. All retro. This Retro-bit Mega Table feels like it falls more in the category of ‘meh’ when it comes to being impressed. From the quick video review below, and basic common sense, it sounds like it’s not very functional as a NES controller. Sure,…

NES titles painted over 8-bit Cool Stuff

NES fan art looks like remastered versions of classics

I’ve always been a stickler for keeping the classics as is. I rarely like when bands cover songs as I feel the original loses it’s sense when taken out of context. I always prefer to see an old NES turned into a working NES…not some lunchbox or flower box for…

Mega Man Mobile Android and iOS 8-bit Crap

Mega Man Mobile is mega disaster?

Mega Man is quintessential classic NES gaming. From music, to characters to it being…unbelievably difficult. So it being released on mobile platforms is both exciting but also a bit concerning. Concerning because I haven’t played a classic game on mobile yet that can handle the old D-pad correctly. I’m looking…

Nintendo's Legend of Zelda design doc 8-bit Cool Stuff

Nerd out over these original Legend of Zelda design docs

It’s the 30th anniversary of Legend of Zelda this year and Nintendo is releasing some very cool items in celebration. The latest are original design documents for various sections and levels of the classic hit. The drawings are from the masters themselves, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka, and highlight Nintendo’s planning…

Very first NES ad 8-bit Cool Stuff

See what the very first NES ad looked like

I love this type of stuff. Frank Cifaldi, an archivist and founder/board president of The Video Game History Foundation, came across the very first ad for the NES in a January 1985 issue of Consumer Electronics. He, thankfully, shared the discovery plus another gem from the very same mag a…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Ninja Gaiden’s soundtrack is getting remastered

30 years later the classic soundtrack is getting remastered and released on CD, vinyl (for the kids) and digitally. Brave Wave Productions is leading the charge in association with KOEI TECMO and the original composers. Original composer being Keiji Yamagishi who, straight out of University, created the beloved soundtrack to one…

nes lamp zapper 8-bit Cool Stuff

What’s cooler than The Clapper? The Zapper, obviously!

Amputated thumb in the above photo not included. Turning on a lamp should be fun and what better way than to use that old NES Zapper you have lying around. YouTuber user Wermy built this beauty with a couple arduinos, of course, and a few modifications to an NES Zapper….