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NoiseES, an iPhone App We Can Definitely Get Behind

Just in case you can’t get enough NES chiptunes – now you can take them on the go with the NoiseES (aka NES see what they did there?) iPhone and iPod Touch app. This sweet little app was developed by Shaun Inman a designer/developer from the Chattanooga, TN area. And we approve. So did iTunes […]

8bit Wet Dream: Full Sized, Fully Functional NES Coffee Table

Oh my. This is quite the ‘do-it-yourself’ project and probably not for the faint of heart, or those that lack a basement and a jigsaw. Not to say this is the first but it’s completely functional and looks awesome. You’d think they’d hook it up to a equally scaled TV. Doesn’t matter – just watch […]

This NES Guitar Mod Sounds Like Sh**, Go Figure

File this under useless but cool. hacked together a perfectly working guitar with an NES to create this working guitar that sounds like its playing through a speaker that was knifed to death. To each his own.  This one of a kind, no really there is only one right now, is being sold in […]

Another Pointless NES Mod; Again, I ask Why?

Saw this over at kotaku today as I’m sure you did too, you Russian bot. Creative? I guess. Some level of craftsmanship? Sure. But just because I can solder the cats ass shut doesn’t make it right. Again we are faced with a…de-facing of classic nostalgia – for what? A wireless router? What’s appealing about […]

Make that Old NES into a DVD Player; I ask Why?

I guess the hands on creativity and workmanship is noteworthy, but in the long run this is more of cock-tease. Let me explain briefly. A friend comes over, you have your sweet NES/DVD player out on display. Friends’ first thought: “Dude, awesome, you have a NES?!” Your reply: “Not really…check…this…out…” Friend: Are you f**king kidding […]

Chrome is the New NES

Google just can’t stop worming its way into my rotting heart. Ben Firshman has ported a NES emulator called vNES into JavaScript, Despite the misleading title JSNES, this is a near perfect product when you run it using Google’s new web browser, Chrome. 8bit shout outs go Stan Schroeder at Mashable for this nugget of information. I personally haven’t played […]

Paintings Show How The Classics Could Look

Orioto is the artist behind this sweet painting of an updated Mega Man. This is just one of the many pieces he has done to ‘remake’ a classic and give an idea of what they could look like in the current HD gaming world. I don’t think I’d mind seeing a remake of a classic […]

[8bit Review] Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

Platform: NES Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Nintendo It only took about 10 minutes to remember the trick to get the ole NES working. Put the game in just enough to push it down into lock position, hit power, then give the game that extra little push in, hit reset and voila. Old school gaming can begin. […]

8 Bit Weapon Releases Limited Edition CD and Loop Library

Chiptune masters, 8 Bit Weapon, has performed across two continents with their unique techno/pop sound and have released a handfull of albums with sounds inspired by classic videogame soundtracks and electronic music from the 70’s and 80’s. Sony Creative Software has just released their loop and sample library called, 8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey. […]

Turn Your Old NES Into a PC

Oh Mods…gotta love ‘em. This is a pretty cool DIY for turning your old NES system into a PC with a CD/DVD drive. This allows you to install emulators for old systems and games but still have that old school look and feel. Probably better than causing yourself to pass out from blowing ‘dust’ out […]

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