8-bit Cool Stuff

Famicom system makes for a great Halloween costume

Well, there’s something you don’t see everyday. This throwback costume was spotted in Japan this past week, in search of candy or maybe cartridges. Gotta love the attention to detail and that, as The Verge pointed out, it truly might be a Family Computer with the controllers holding the console’s…

8-bit Cool Stuff

AVS retroUSB is the more affordable retro NES gaming option

We’ve seen the AnalogueNT and all it’s beauty (and price). We’ve got the NES Classic coming in a month – pre-loaded with 30 classic NES titles. Now, we’ve got the AVS retroUSB console. A more affordable system that will play original front loading NES cartridges and top loading Famicom games….

8-bit Cool Stuff

Need more NES nostalgia? Buy this book

I’m not saying you should buy it. They didn’t tell me to tell you to buy it. I’m just saying – if you’re into this big retro push lately around the NES then there’s a cool book you might like. That’s all. As we all know the NES Classic Mini…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Ben Heck tears apart a Power Glove

Funny to imagine that the Power Glove was our first hint at a Minority Report world of technology. I didn’t own a Power Glove when I was a kid. I remember thinking, even as a kid, it was excessive. Also, after seeing a few friends use it it didn’t seem…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Thekla Inc’s 2016 game “The Witness” gets an 8-bit demake

I don’t actually know much about Thekla Inc’s game “The Witness”. So I’m a tad blind on this one other than what I read from the interwebs. But, long story short super fan, Dustin Long created a “demake / reinterpretation / tribute to the original ” of the difficult puzzle game as…

8-bit Crap

Get 8bits on your feet with Vans Nintendo themed sneakers

Vans have been known to do themed sneakers from Star Wars to Disney to the Beatles. Now, it’s Nintendo and the 8bit world. I’m filing this under 8bit Cool Stuff and Crap because it’s a split for me. I, personally, wouldn’t be caught dead in these but that’s me. I also have…

8-bit Cool Stuff

ConnectedNES delivers 8-bit tweets to your NES

Anything is possible these days. Even making 8-bit tweets display via an NES. Rachel Weil, aka hxlnt on GitHub, has built a wireless “modem” for her NES, allowing data to be fed into a custom game over the controller port. And, voila, now you have 8-bit Twitter. It’s open-source so…