Play All The Classics Online = Our 8bit Heaven

I think we have found our 8bit heaven and its called Retromundi. Retromundi is a Classic Gaming Community with I think just about every single 8bit game you could think of. Go ahead think of one…they’ll have it. It’s a mix of one of those social networking sites with 8bit…

WiiWare, Wii Virtual Console and NeoGeo?

Since the introduction of WiiWare we’ve decided to include any release they have in with the Classic Virtual Console releases. This week for the classics we have yet another game I’ve never heard of. Making me wonder if I actually had an NES. City Connection you might need to show…

What The NES Might Look Like If New Now

Digital artist Javier Segovia imagines what an the NES might look like if it came to market today. The dimensions don’t seem to have changed much, but it looks like it’s gone wireless. Check out bigger pics here. []