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NHL 10 is The Bane of My Existance, Yet I Love It

NHL 10. Great game. I’ve even reviewed and commented on how it’s the best sports title out there. That’s until recently. After taking a break from Red Dead Redemption – which is the cat’s ass by the way – I jumped back into the NHL After a disappointing and pathetic real life Bruins loss […]

[8bit Impressions] EA NHL 10 + Madden 10, One is a 10 the Other an 09

I recently picked up NHL 10 for Xbox 360 and Madden 10 for PS3 – it’s the year of the 10, well at least for one of these titles. I haven’t bought a Madden game since ’07, but did play some ’09, and it seems not much has changed other than some tweaks to the […]

NHL 10 Looking Like the Best Hockey Game, Ever

EA has been making awesome improvements to the NHL franchise since ’07 and with ’09 being possibly the best hockey game ever, how can 10 beat it? Well, check out all the improvements / additions in the video and that’s how. If they can pull off the board play correctly this may just over take […]

NHL 10 Looks To Improve Fighting Mechanic

The past few years EA has revived the hockey video game and since ’07 has only improved on it. Of course there are still some crappy points – like the season mode UI. Trading players and making roster moves is still painful as all hell. One thing they are looking to improve on is the […]

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