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Anaheim Ducks netminder gets an 8-bit Duck Hunt helmet paint job

If you’re reading this blog, like actually reading it, there’s a chance you don’t like sports. It’s science. We’ve posted a few times about hockey and how much we enjoy it so this one definitely lands near the top for us. John Gibson is the goalie for the Anaheim Ducks….

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Watch] NHL arena gets a Blades of Steel takeover

Even though the 8-bit offices are primarily Bruins fans – we can’t help but get a little giddy with this one. NHL playoffs are hands down the best playoffs to watch and this is one of the reasons why. Extravagant opening ceremonies that borderline epic and ridiculous. The Tampa Bay lightning raised…

Sony Bringing NHL to PS3; Scratch My Back With A Hacksaw!!

Funny enough I’m posting this as I’m watching the Bruins / Panthers game and I am a tad behind since this news came out last week but whatever. Bots don’t understand anyways. In a shot back at Microsoft in providing sports based content Sony has teamed up with the NHL…