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Ultimate Famicom unboxing

The unboxing ritual we see captured on every tech blog isn’t anything new. Since the dawn of new packaged technology, people have been unboxing. The excitement. The first smell of new plastic. The organizing and accounting for all expected parts within their own individual packaging is all part of it….

8-bit Crap

[No bits] Super Mario Run is Super Mario Meh

This December Nintendo will jump into the mobile gaming market with Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run looks like…a Mario Brothers game that we’ve already seen. It feels like a weak sauce entry into the mobile market and some are concerned that it will tarnish Nintendo’s image of being unique,…


No Man’s Sky becomes No Mario’s Sky becomes DMCA Sky

No Man’s Sky – love it, hate it…it doesn’t matter it exists and will continue to do so. I personally was all over the NMS hype. More so for the technology, I mean, a game that large and it’s only a 3GB download?! Gotta love math. What are the possibilities…

8-bit Cool Stuff

House of Mouse gives Mario a nod in animated short

Disney pretty much owns the entertainment landscape. From Marvel flicks to that indie sci-fi fantasy hit Star Wars to its collection of animated characters – there is no doubt that you’ve seen something Disney has made in the past month…year…decade. They’ve had a lot of influence across the world including…

8-bit Crap

Get 8bits on your feet with Vans Nintendo themed sneakers

Vans have been known to do themed sneakers from Star Wars to Disney to the Beatles. Now, it’s Nintendo and the 8bit world. I’m filing this under 8bit Cool Stuff and Crap because it’s a split for me. I, personally, wouldn’t be caught dead in these but that’s me. I also have…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Super Famicom Themed Nintendo 3DS

A few bits out of the 8-bit realm but we don’t care when it’s worthy. Japan is getting a Super Famicom themed Nintendo 3DS with classic colors and button scheme to boot. It’s launching this month for 21,600 Yen (~$190) but only in Japan and there’s no word on a…

8-bit General

‘Zelda Timeline’ is an online encyclopaedia of Zelda knowledge

I’m not even sure how I came across this site but I’m glad I did. Zelda Timeline, a personal project of Phil Stringfellow, is a site that “serves as an interactive and fully-featured encyclopaedia for everything to do with the official timeline and more.” It has all the games, box art,…