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Nintendo Cartoon Hour

I’m sure you’ve heard the lovely tune “I’m on a Boat” by the boys from The Lonely Island or the hit “Jizz in my Pants” if haven’t you should probably climb out from under that rock you’re under and start googling stuff. Until then enjoy this pretty funny narrated clip of various 8bit classics mixed […]

8bit Paper City

File under [8bit Cool Stuff]. Artist/graphic designer Ashley Buerkett from Illinois has brought the 2D side scrolling world of Mario into a 3D plane. Titled ‘Paper City’ this rendering of the Mushroom Kingdom is set to look like a board game, but I don’t think its actually playable – if it is – it looks […]

If It Only Had A Battery…

…this N64 portable would be perfect. See more at Ben Heck’s forum. Lots of pics and explaination.

8Bit Jesus?!?! Okay, Maybe It Is That Time Of The Year

We’re all about classic 8bit sounds and chiptuning. We’re not so hot on Christmas music or Jesus. Still, the angle of recreating classic holiday tunes with the 8bit sounds catches our attention enough to pass it along to you. Tis’ the season, now go spend money. Santa needs you! Download the full 8-Bit Jesus album […]

Contra: What If?

Here we have Black20’s idea of what Contra would look like if Uwe Boll directed it. It’s a clever video that came to our attention from Slashfilm. If you care about film at all, you should be checking that site regularly. It is much more readable and tolerable than aintitcool or chud. Enjoy the video. […]

Mario Mosaic – And It Only Took 17,000 Pins To Create

Ben, our [8bit Crap/Cool Stuff] moderator, has been slackin lately – ever since he got that PS3 and Lego Batman. It’s OK tho – that’s a good enough reason for me and I’ve got his back here as does Onion, a close friend of the [8bit] crew, who passed along this “pretty” picture from a […]

Something is Wrong with Kirby

You, the few, the proud, the loyal 8bit marines may remember the realistic Mario that we (everyone) posted a few months ago. Now we have the newest entry in the “ruin my childhood and give me nightmares” category. I present to you: Real Kirby. And man oh man is he disgusting. This take on Kirby looks more like an amalgamated version of […]

Wii-kly Update: 2 Weeks of Updates

Ok so I missed last weeks update, which has another NEOGEO title and a TurbroGrafx16 title. Never thought I’d hear those words again. WiiWare has basically a crazy version of Beer Pong called Pong Toss-Frat Party Games. It’s called Frat Party Games I’m sure those smart kids in college won’t figure out how to add […]

Consoles dead in 10 years? Just another Wild Tangent

At the Casual Connect Game conference in Seattle this past week, WildTangent’s fearless leader, Alex St John is predicting that consoles will be dead in 10 years or as he put it “extinct” by 2020. Of course if the Mayan calendar has anything to say about it, it’ll be more like 4 years. Some other […]

Wii-kly Update: Pirates or Aliens?

In the age old battle between pirates and ninjas – I’m going pirates. Wenches, mead, booty, ships, guns, parrots, and wenches, for me, out weighs the constant training a ninja has to do. It also wins in this weeks update to the WiiShop. For WiiWare we have Pirates: The Key of Dreams vs two side […]

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