8-bit Crap

Super Mario Bros. Parkour…cause why not?

Everybody enjoys a good old Parkour video. Especially one that is Mario Bros. themed. Dark  Pixels is the maker of this suburban part II…if you feel lost check out part I. [via: Gameinformer | source: Dark Pixels]

8-bit Freerunning Takes It To a New Level

Parkour is pretty awesome. Every once in awhile I’ll find myself dragged into a YouTube parkour video watching spree. Similar to the wikipedia knowledge rabbit hole of link clicking. Now, mix parkour with a little 8-bit theme and you’ve got our full undivided attention. This guy, Jason Paul, does some…

[8bit Review] Mirror’s Edge

The intro-Mirror’s Edge, much like Dead Space, is another original IP from EA, that got a lot of hype with it’s new approach to an already well established genre. Mirror’s Edge hopes to put a new spin to the aging FPS genre by increasing the amount of bodily control that…