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[8bit Review] Half-Life 2: Episode 1

Platform: PC Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: Valve Software Website: Everyone’s favorite crowbar-wielding MIT graduate is back for more action in this expansion for Half-Life 2. It took Valve Software six years to develop Half-Life 2 and another eighteen months to release the first expansion pack for it. For anyone who is a fan of […]

Getting Your Ass Kicked Has New Meaning

So apparently getting your ass kicked via one of your favorite FPS isn’t enough. Enter the vest. This gaming vest is the next level of gaming allowing players to feel the pain that is inflicted to their on screen counterparts. The vest is lined with air pockets that inflate when your character gets shot, stabbed, […]

3DMark, No Longer Just Making Graphics

If you have ever benchmarked you computer, chances are you’ve used 3DMark. Essentially it throws unbelievable graphics at your machine and then you get to see how many frames per second you get. Pretty fucking useless, unless you are a computer nerd, right? Well now 3DMark is putting those graphics to use. They are making […]

Surprise, PCs Are Losing Players To Consoles

That’s just one of the “No Shit!” topics discussed in a Guardian interview with Epic’s Mark Rein. He also ruminates on user-generated content UT3 360 delays, and his favorite ice cream flavor. Check out the full interview here. (The Guardian)

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