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Game Frame lets you show off your pixel art

Sometimes you just need to show off your love of pixel art in a classy looking display. Game Frame allows you to do just that. The LED display let’s you display custom made or preloaded pixel art via an SD card. It’s like a photo frame but for you digital…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Pixel Art Academy wants to teach you how to make pixel art

Pixel art is nothing new. How you learn to create it is a different story. There are plenty of tutorials across the world wide web but this tool, created by Matej “Retro” Jan, is certainly the most interesting we’ve seen. Pixel Art Academy is a point-and-click adventure game which teaches you pixel…

Probably NSFW, The Pixxxel Art Of Jean-Yves Lemoigne

The images Lemoigne has created (and don’t ask us how the hell he pulled it off) appeal to us on a few levels. Not only has he utilized the 8bit aesthetic we live for, but this shit is fucking sexy! See the full collection, done for French mag Amusement here….