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‘Pixels’ first trailer not as good as the posters

Ugh. Had a feeling this is what we would get. I loved the concept since I first heard about it but a concept is nothing without proper execution. Hopefully this is just a bad trailer edit and they’re holding back the funny…like all of it. I like the effects for the classic video game characters […]

Hopefully ‘Pixels’ is as good as its movie posters

So ‘Pixels’ has been around for quite awhile – if you’re a long time reader you probably caught the original short by Patrick Jean here on 8-bit along with the news that the Happy Madison crew would be handling the full feature. I feel like there’s even been a teaser trailer floating around with our key […]

Pixels Getting Full Happy Madison Treatment

From the 8bit Film news desk comes word that the same guy who writes most of the goofy, non-serious stuff Adam Sandler stars in has been hired to write the script for Pixels. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be able to check out the short film after the break. The basic idea is that video […]

Pixels Attacking NYC – New Short by Patrick JEAN

This seems like a fitting comeback. Patrick JEAN is an artist. That’s about all I know. I went to his website to read his bio but quickly realized I don’t speak French. What I did realize is that he makes cool short films. You can find them on his website and if you speak French […]

Space Invader Waffle and Pixelated Pancakes

Part of a balanced breakfast. This would make my day sunny no matter what. Over at the Pancake Project they strive to make the most interesting pancakes/waffles. Like the above Space Invader waffle there is also a Mario waffle that is just out of control. Head over to the site for some ridiculous pancake art.

We Found Our Official Sleep Mask

We’re not sure if you’ve tried one, but sleep masks take the harsh light of day or a companion reading in bed right out of the equation. We love them! Now Thai company Studiobo offers this take prefectly tailored to the complete 8bit lifestyle we’re trying to live. Get your own sleep mask here.

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