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Jim Henson’s Resident Evil 5

Say what you will about IGN being a soulless word factory that rarely finish the games they review and almost never play them on the harder difficulties…oh that wasn’t you? It mush have been me. Anyway, they have put together a little video that replaces some of Resident Evil 5’s characters with muppets. Ever since Peter […]

Resident Evil 5 Verses Mode?

Capcom will be releasing a verses mode for Resident Evil 5 shortly after launch. I for one am at once excited for this additional content, and also slightly miffed that they will be hanging a price tag on it instead of giving it away. Alas, it is the age of the microtransaction. All bow before […]

Exclusive Red Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition Console

As another marketing ploy Microsoft has announced a Red Xbox 360 Resident Evil Limited Edition Console. I’m not sure who actually buys these limited edition systems but it’s in celebration of the landmark series coming to Xbox. The limited edition console will be available the same day Resident Evil 5 ships to store shelves – […]

Resident Evil 5 Hands-On

I figured I should post a hands-on of Resident Evil 5 for all of you poor saps that only have a PS3 (or gasp! An Xbox Live Silver account). First off, let me say, the game is stunning. It is one of the most visually impressive games that I have seen this generation. Sadly, other […]

Can’t a Game Just Be a Game?

Not these days. In the days of politics and opinions nothing can just be what it is. Shine a light on something and everyone pays attention. Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 is feeling that right about now, after claims of it having racist tones. Apparently RE 5 under went some redesign but according to Jun Takeuchi, […]

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