Rock Band 2

Left 4 Dead Meets Rock Band

YouTube user s1rPwnage87 has successfully created the Left 4 Dead survivors in Rock Band 2. The user very cleverly has them perform L7’s Pretend We’re Dead. I am ashamed that I don‘t have the crew created on my console. That will be remedied as soon as I get home from S-Mart….

Alice Cooper Coming To Rock Band 2

Actually, it’s pronounced Mili-wah-kay. I don’t really want to get into giving updates about new tracks coming to Rock Band but it’s Alice Cooper. Next week a 6 pack of tracks will be available in the Rock Band Music Store from the shock rocker including an [8bit Favorite] “School’s Out”….

Pearl Jam + Rock Band = :)

I am an unapologetic Pearl Jam fan and I am an unapologetic Rock Band fan. So, the news that Pearl Jam’s Ten will be released as Rock Band 2 DLC in March has me very stoked. Now, I listened to Ten a little too much during my days as a…