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Dreamcast Redux?

[img][/img] ThinkGeek is selling new-in-the-box [url=]Dreamcast systems[/url] for $99. Ahh, the memories of Ecco The Dolphin, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi and Typing of the Dead! Although used systems can be had for a lot less on eBay, I guess this is cool if you want a new one. The Dreamcast was a great system and […]

Condemned 2 for 19.99 USD

Don’t take this as a review of Condemned 2, because I am literally only three chapters in. I must say, that so far I am really enjoying it. The scares are quite cheap, but tell that to my failing heart. This was a game that I initially passed over when it was released last year. I […]

Iron Man 2 Announced!

Well, in a no-brainer – Sega has announced a continuation of their existing partnership with Marvel Entertainment which includes Iron Man 2 the video game. The title will be multi platform and is set to be released alongside the sequel to the film in 2010. The game is currently in production at Sega Studios San […]

Wii-kly update: Interior Design? Really?

A pinball classic from TurboGrafx reincarnated for the pinball wizards, a fast paced colorful classic arcade game turned Sega title, and interior design. I thought we had see it all with the eating contest title – but I was wrong. Now you can interior design. Follow the link for full descriptions. WiiWareALIEN CRUSH RETURNS (Hudson […]

SEGA making it a mad mad MADWORLD

SEGA’s new Wii exclusive title MadWorld is getting some flak for its ultra violent game play. Really? Someone is upset about violence in a video game? We’ve been through this already, but apparently the controversy over this game is reaching new highs with various newspapers taggin it as ‘the title that will kill the Wii’s […]

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