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Pacapong! The mashup you didn’t know you needed

Your mind is about to be blown. Pacapong is the ultimate mashup of Pac-Man, Pong and Space Invaders. Developed for a Mini Ludum Dare challenge where developers could use any framework at their disposal to build a Pong like game – without explicitly recreating it. With parameters like that you get Pacapong. Check it out […]

‘Space Invaders’ with real lasers; what could go wrong?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. The video breaks down tools used and how it works – it’s even playable via webcam. [via Engadget]

Take Me To Your Leader

London street photography by William Robinson. [NOTCOT]

Oh No! More Invaders from Space; Remake of Classic Arcade Hit

The PC title was created by indie developer Lodgia and is a retro remake of the classic arcade hit. Gameplay follows the original but with a few enhancements and introduces power ups, extra weapons, online highscores, new music and…cattle? You can check out Oh No! More Invaders from Space for free on Archive Games. Archive […]

Invader Continues Global Strike

Paris-based urban artist Invader goes around marking his turf with perminant aliens and space ships, usually in tile. He’s done it around the world and even sells kits for you to help him vandalize the planet. He’s got tons of evidence on his website. That’s him in the above picture messing up a perfectly clean […]

Yahoo! + Space Invaders = Pretty F***ing Cool

While it’s still up, you have to check out the Yahoo! Japan homepage. It’s been taken over by Space Invaders to celebrate Taito’s 30th Anniversary. Very cool. [Thanks to Imprint TALK]

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