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Spore Franchise Coming to Nintendo This October

EA announced today that Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena will be landing on the Wii and DS this October. Both titles were built from the ground up and exclusively for the Wii  and DS and look to bring a new level of action and adventure to the monstrous franchise. Spore Hero takes players on […]

Robot Chicken And Spore Come Together

Banana monkey wars. What is it? Its’ something you’ll find in the adventures created by the Robot Chicken team exclusively for Spore Galactic Adventures – the highly anticipated expansion pack for the hit title Spore. Maxis announced today that the adventures created by the minds behind, Robot Chicken Star Wars, will be available as downloadable […]

Slate Profiles Will Wright And Dissects Spore, Microsoft’s outlet for educated wit before that smarmy Seinfeld funnyman came along, has turned its eye on your favorite simulation creator, Will Wright. They’ve come up with an indepth profile and examination of his newest God emulator, Spore. Don’t expect and IGN review. This is serious stuff. [Slate Magazine]


The embargo has been lifted on the reviews for Spore and they are sounding very apologetic. The last time I read reviews that had this tone, it was for Ninja Gaiden II and we all know how that poorly designed, linear, lag fest turned out. So I still can’t beat the two flaming armadillos! What of it? […]

Spore Species Count Greater Than Our Own

In case you care…at all. Will Wright, the creator of Spore, announced at EA’s E3 press conference that thanks to the Creature Creator, the number of player created species exceeds the number of species on Earth. Since the release of Creature Creator, 18 days by the way, players have created 1,756,869 useless species which contrasts […]

I Spore

Happy Thursday folks, though man, I keep thinking it’s Friday. It might have something to do with the planned red wine and Rock Band session with the lady tonight. Anyway. It was a slow news day so we are working to get you some reviews, that was until this recent announcment. EA’s Spore will be […]

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