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[Extra Bits] Star Wars Rogue One as an 8-bit game

So this, as always, is a cool 8-bit version of Rogue One from the folks at CineFix. A film that I thoroughly enjoyed in case you were wondering. You probably weren’t but it’s my post so…there. I’m surprised they didn’t include any other secondary characters…or at least a quick cut…

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Star Wars 8-bit deaths

Warning: The following video has spoilers for every Star Wars film to date. If haven’t seen any of them…well, that’s a whole other issue. pipocaVFX put together this quick 8-bit video of every major death in the Star Wars films. It’s pretty damn adorable. [via: The Verge | source: pipocaVFX]

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That’s No Moon; It’s ‘Star Wars: Tiny Death Star’

Most things we come across and post here are usually up our alley, but this might take the cake. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a mobile app, available on Android and iOS, that has you working on the Dark Side assisting Palpatine in building an all-new Death Star. A…

BioWare Releases New SWTOR Video: Rebirth of The Sith Empire

In case you’re keeping tabs on your SWTOR history BioWare has released another ‘when they were Sith’ videos outlining the Rebirth of the most hated club around. I’m not totally caught up on my pre Vader history but the basic jist of the video is ‘Master Gnost-Dural investigates the story…

New Star Wars The Force Unleashed II Clip

Hey guy, welcome to the coolest 32 seconds of your day. I am shocked how great Blur Studios is doing with these trailers. This is the part of the post that I am contractually obligated to trash talk George Lucas…but I just can’t force myself to do it…I actually liked…


What you are looking at is a R2-D2 shaped cooler, with eight gaming consoles, sound system, inputs and projector. Check it out here. Amazing. [The End]

He’s Just Like Us

President Obama can’t resist playing Jedi either! And a blue blade…looks like someone sees himself as Old Ben. [The Huffington Post]