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Wii-kly update: Strongbad 3 Mofo!

Strongbad is back! In episode 3: Baddest of the Bands which contains some mild cartoon violence and alcohol reference – sounds like my Wednesday night. WiiWare also has Art Style: ROTOHEX which sounds basically like Tetris but with stained glass and hexagons. Its all the same we see past your disguise! Then in the Virutal […]

Wii-kly update: Sequels for your wii-ass

This weeks Wii updated includes some sequels. For WiiWare there is Strong Bad, the self proclaimed “coolest person ever”, who is back in the second episode of five monthly episodes in Strong Badia the Free and another puzzle game. Virtual Console has one of the greatest action sequels of all time Mega Man 2. Follow […]

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