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[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Minus World

As a former QA engineer (and still one at heart) I really enjoy finding bugs in code/websites/games. Some are straightforward issues – player can’t do expected action at expected time or there is clipping etc – but sometimes you get bugs that completely defy the logic that powers it. These are the gems as they […]

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Game Over Man, Game Over!

Classic titles didn’t have much in terms of ‘saves slots’ or ‘checkpoints’. Instead, you learned to cherish every life you had to accomplish your mission. Old school games were an exercise of trial and error and starting from the beginning if you failed beyond what was acceptable. Well, this little cheat alleviates that. Once at […]

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros – A Fireball Shooting Mini Mario

I like to think I know all the ins and outs of Super Mario Bros. but apparently I don’t. I’m collecting these cheats (some are more like glitches but cool nonetheless) under a new section [Classic Cheats] – which will probably expand to other titles, but for now we start with Super Mario Bros.. I’ll post […]

It’s a Mario Day, Starting with Super Mario as a First Person Game

This is an interesting re-imagining of the classic Super Mario Bros. as a first-person title. Guess it could be a FPS with fireballs but we’ll leave that alone. This 3D video was made by the same guys who brought us Jedi A-holes – check out more videos on freddiew’s youtube channel. It took aproximately 60 man hours […]

Real World Mario in SXSW Short Film

This is a pretty great real world version of Super Mario Bros. Created by Joe Nicolosi – this is just one of few shorts he has that will show up at SXSW. It’s a dark retelling (in a funny vein of course) of Mario’s pursuit of that bitch Peach. Enjoy. [/flim]

Mario Mosaic – And It Only Took 17,000 Pins To Create

Ben, our [8bit Crap/Cool Stuff] moderator, has been slackin lately – ever since he got that PS3 and Lego Batman. It’s OK tho – that’s a good enough reason for me and I’ve got his back here as does Onion, a close friend of the [8bit] crew, who passed along this “pretty” picture from a […]

Super Mario in 3D

Artist Justin Buonvino took eight months teaching himself how to make the above rendering, what he calls his “8bit Opus.” We can get on board with that kind of gaming-related time wastage. Check out a larger version of the scene here and marvel at the amazing detail. [deviantART]

Bowser In The Digital Flesh

You’ve seen Pixeloo’s “real life” renderings of Homer and that paunchy plumber. They still haunt my dreams. Apparently they inspired creativity in someone. German design student Marcus Blattermann used Photoshop to show us what Bowser might look like if he actually existed outside of a square grey cartridge. Get the details here.

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