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Ad for NES Classic Mini console lays the retro on thick

We live in a time where those that grew up with the 80’s are now in charge. So what do we get? All those cools things from the 80’s…but in HD! Nintendo announced not too long ago they’ll be releasing a mini NES with 30 preloaded games. The internet rejoiced…

8-bit Crap

Super Mario Bros. Parkour…cause why not?

Everybody enjoys a good old Parkour video. Especially one that is Mario Bros. themed. Dark  Pixels is the maker of this suburban part II…if you feel lost check out part I. [via: Gameinformer | source: Dark Pixels]

Super Mario Bros extra lives cheat Classic Cheats

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – infinite lives

The holy grail of Super Mario Bros. cheats. The infinite lives cheat! Everyone knows about this one – or at least should – but knowing about it and being able to pull it off are different stories. I think I’ve only done it twice, but I’ve also only tried it…

Mario and the One Foot Sliding Trick

Kickoff those Sunday shoes…cause Mario is about to get Footloose. Originally I was going to put this under the [Classic Cheats] but it really isn’t. It’s just Mario being Mario…on one foot! Cool little trick in the classic Super Mario Bros. title –  to do this just hold B and jump…

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Extra Life Edition

Doubling down on this edition of classic cheats with not one, but two ways of earning those extra lives we all love so dearly. Of course there is the infinite life trick – but that’ll be covered separately since it deserves the attention. These are a bit more simple in…